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Them and understand what it feels like to be a person of color being pulled over by the police and knowing that your life can change like that Hollywood I'm David Daniel it's five till correspondent Scott Kerr has some advice about preparing that bird before you throw it into the oven washing and rinsing makes things a planer with already in our brains to do that it may seem counterintuitive but nutrition and wellness educator at the university of Illinois Drusilla banks has been getting the word out he may even start out by saying rinse the Turkey or went to the check in but she cautions we really should resist the urge to rinse poultry before we cook it inside cavity and the outside could contain micro organisms that could make you sick fetches scapula bacteria salmonella spring water all over the bird can spread the germs lurking inside or on your Turkey to the kitchen sink area already food nearby many people aren't real careful about the rent thing so we have that is powerful jet of water coming out of the thing in the research says they can splash as far as three feet away he says even the most thorough rinsing isn't going to wash away all potentially dangerous bacteria anyway but that a thorough cooking will kill all of it what will make it fate is a safe cooking temperature and that a hundred sixty five degrees Fahrenheit check it in several different places and you'll have destroyed all the bacteria Mr I've got in what's become a holiday tradition for us corresponded Stephan Kaufman at three before the hour get some cooking tips from youngsters the kidneys and Mrs jungles kindergarten class know.

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