Mr Schiff, White House, Obama Administration discussed on Mark Levin


Mr Schiff the house intelligence committee where would be paid. where would we be today. we must get rid of this love us president we must get rid of it. and this man this noble. whistleblower who's a patriot scale courageous. is worthy of a ticker tape parade. I know. we should know is identity but they're going to force his identity. forces identity contact. what will happen. what will happen. you know they talk about Russian interference in the election. this is twice now the Obama administration using the FBI and intelligence agencies in the department of Justin the FISA courts as well of course the media trying to destroy the trump candidacy in the trump presidency they fell in the Russian collusion but they made a hell of a shot. and now this is a phony Ukraine scandal. well we have this rogue spy in the White House collecting information trying to see the transcript that's how we knew it was in another place. colluding. SA colluding colluding. we shift and his staff for the Republicans did not because shifted in telling America did not because shift didn't tell us during his hearings. this is a deeply deeply grave issue. I will be right back. ban on seventy seven W. ABC. only seven W. A. B. C. traffic.

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