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Yvonne is the closing bell on Wall Street. This is Andrew Rodeo, Bloomberg Big Rally and a big finish for the market. The Dow is ending up for 153. NASDAQ Up 117. Old news all the time. Thiss is 10 10 wins you give us 22 minutes We'll give you the world 76 degrees. Cloudy skies. It is four o'clock I'm Larry Mullins and Here's what's happening. Certain crimes in the city way up maitre Blanche feels there's no reason for us to be down because the city and its police force has it all under control have the latest on those alarming crime stats which came out today. Also today, they're testing outdoor areas to see if they could possibly help in really Eating schools. Dent and wins was in Red Hook today, where city officials gave us a demonstration of how outdoor learning areas would be utilized. Speaking of reopening, married a blouse says, Give me until at least the end of the month to figure out this indoor dining thing. The mayor says he's hearing from a lot of people asking. When is it going to happen? Newjersey will reopen to end or dining this weekend gems too. In Belgium, They finally found the mayor's heart. Literally the heart of the town mayor hidden for Over a century inside and historic fountain is uncovered. We'll explain. It's Wednesday. You're right. Home does begins right now. Evacuate. This is mainly cloudy and human with a few showers will get to a high near 80. Degrees news time. Four with traffic center. Good to know too, Mr Greg Rice. Mr. Mullins. Good afternoon to you. We'll go to the Garden State Parkway were North bound. Getting up past Bloomfield. Things are finally moving better. They cleared away the midday.

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