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But on those six blitzes he completed four passes of those six for eighty five yards, which was fourteen point two yards per attempt and one touchdown based on PF gray that was his highest graded split, which I think is is important to note because that's the one thing that's J Beathard did which was hold onto the ball too long. And honestly even Jimmy Garoppolo who had a remarkably quick processing speed and release time in the last five games of last season. Didn't really display that I think as much as we would have liked at the beginning of twenty eight. Eighteen so I think of Nick Mullins can continue to process the game as quickly as he did against the raiders. I think that bodes well for continuing to manage the game not make too many mistakes because he did have some turnover worthy throws. But I think overall that's the kind of consistency that you would want. And if Nick Mones is able to do this for the rest of the year, I think it's pretty clear that he becomes the backup to Jimmy Garoppolo. And with the amount of tape that he would have you could flip them in a couple of years for traffic. I think that's always been sort of the plan to in regards to CJ Beathard is let's develop these guys once they signed Jimmy Garoppolo long-term. That's obviously this sort of the go-to guy figure out who's going to be the long-term starter in in in any excuse me, the long-term backup in any case. You know, all of these guys get to the NFL by being ultracompetitive? They want to be starters. If you can if Shanahan can get enough on tape for Nick Mullins, CJ Beathard who whoever it is to flip them even for a sort of. You know, sort of to compensate what they spend at least on CJ Beathard in in the first in the first place, even even better, but to identify a potential long-term backup that could win games when called upon we had this as a couple of weeks ago. I think in regards to CJ Beathard in, you know, very few backup quarterbacks in the league are able to just kind of get inserted into the offense. And suddenly, you know, play like the starter never left. I mean, there's a reason that there's only thirty two starters in the NFL in. Sometimes I'd venture to say that we don't even have that many right now, but to have a reliable backup that may never actually be legit starter, but sort of adds, some consistency. Entrust their gives the forty Niners some leverage in comfort knowing that especially right now, if they're really trying to maximize or what appears to be, you know, when when John Lynch in Kashan in signed with with organization seemed like all right? We're going to really make a push this thing a backup quarterback. Hell. As we saw last year with the Philadelphia Eagles in having somebody that can get in there. And at least run the offense at a solid level is sometimes enough for for a good offensive coach to make successful. But it wasn't just the quarterback who had success against Oakland. There were also other parts of the team that had success against a a hapless raiders mandate. They are they're fully embracing the the full tank, but one of the areas, of course, that had some success was the forty Niners receivers they took advantage of about opponent and had one of their better games of the year. They really did in as much as the story line is about Nick Moen's. I think what the forty Niners receiving core did specifically to get open. And then maximize yards after catch was really really impressive on a short week where you know, guys bodies. Just don't feel right overall. They had an eighty three point two team receiving grade from PF, which is very high. That's over nine points higher than their second. The second best game that they've played this year which goes against the chargers, ironically, another or the chargers a solid solid defense. Good team playing well, but the forty Niners receivers did play fairly well against them earlier in the year the yards after catch though. And this is sort of ties into our discussion with Nick Mullins in regard. Nick Mullins Nick Molins threw for a total of two hundred and sixty two passing yards. But specifically between pure Garson Richey James in George Kibble, one hundred sixty two of their receiving yards came after yards or were yards after the.

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