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You already got that 'cause it's very darky. The coolie hair dick is sticking together. Here we go. Wow. This is all right, listen. Okay. I think that we need to go back to answering what we need to actually answer the question. Where do you side with this? I still think that like that, all right, but no, I think the question is flawed. It's actually what I think. Because the question was, is Michael Ely black famous or white famous? And then somehow more chestnut got involved in the conversation. So it's like, are we the actual? So the original person. Omar, Omar eps the person I randomly checked. So Boris just so it's Moore's chestnut and we're the question we're asking is he more white famous or black famous? Yeah. I still think he's more black famous 'cause it's like there's because there's the shows that he currently has, there's the, what was the movie that he was him and Bill Bellamy and like all those other dudes that's like the best yeah, wait, is it best reality? It's like he is a specific kind of like black famous. Famous. Okay. VHS they daytime television famous. Yeah. Like he's soaked famous. That's like, he's not like, you can't read weekly recaps about him on the Internet. Okay, but can I, okay, maybe here's and this is an extension of the Omar epsom observation, right? I think the reason I'm sort of pushing this distinction is because I get the idea that some of these black actors are in big mainstream things with like huge appeal. But there's still such a thing as being a kind of black actor who like, oh, black actors know you're talking about if you're talking about Michael ealy or Omar Epps, or more chestnut. And yes, these actors are also in big mainstream things that white people watch, but they never get beyond white people being like, oh, that actor, like, he's in, he's in a bunch of things. What's his name? That's the thing about it. Yeah. Tip of the toe. You know what I mean? There's still those tip of the tongue actors, even though they've been on like 6 network procedural things. Even though they've been working for like the last 30, 40 years. And haven't aged since the four broccoli..

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