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Know what I mean just implied that everyone is? That's that's a good point. Scott there is a gang of Straits that attack US episode eleven. Oh Oh yeah. There's one hundred twenty two episodes uh-huh oh my God episodes. How long are these? They CA- they vary a web series. It could be anything. Yeah some of them are one hour and some of them are one sex our second just that now. That's too much editing from the best that's too much uh-huh and so so It's a group of gay friends. Are they friends. Say Their friends they get to know each other and it's all the trials and tribulations is and The show the basically it really the series turns on its head when to the friends fall for each other. Oh that can happen and nine. Eleven happens in the deal with the fallout. So nine eleven happens during the sauna and it's running around saying running around the sauna. That's not safe. Yeah slip it's true. People Bertha Disaster Law. It's hard. Yeah what do you do. I'd like to Gat met weapons or I think I mean I remember a lot of us. Yeah we're gathering WEAP- weapons. NAH circling. Now we have more powerful weapons than your like. What ballistic missile home? Tom And there's a lot of healing that happens. People come together and you can digest connect. What episode this that? The nine eleven happens out of the one hundred twenty two it happens uh one oh nine one zero nine okay so the character so you quickly decide the series is over. There's nothing more we can do here. You guys have you guys get a chance. I really love the series but the whole experience got me to meet this group. We really bonded. And then they had Living data had a bed in one of their living rooms and they invited me to stay in. So I'm kind of I'm unemployed. I'm actually going in this journey. What's so great? I I feel kind of vulnerable saying this but I'm stepping on my own for the first time that's wonderful fall by to being a living room. I don't know I mean maybe in space certainly where New York City as well studio partner aren't space or New York City. Usually about is in what we call a bedroom. which is a room for beds? Other bedrooms are Kinda tactful so how many people are saying in this place on. There's eight eight of us. It's a two bedroom apartment. So we do we do four three and then I'm the living room okay. Yeah so IT'S A. Why only three is it smaller bedroom? I'm or is that the master one of the people in that bedroom is kind of a diva. Aw New living situation free. I don't know whether you want to be publicly talking about about Your roommate here on a podcast but please go to actually a huge fan of the show. Is You want to hear this. Oh I don't feel come to a thing it's your face come to the microphone okay. We'll go ahead. Yes whatever you want to say to her really come for me sometimes and it makes me feel really worthless to see that. I'm doing my best and I also am human and I make mistakes and the scratch on your Audi was me sorry all nor belly you know any I. Any and cody space by the way the earth is in any own our reply on his own any spice spine stretch her is ah just to clarify. I didn't actually scratch her belly button. She drives a car which is calling out German German auto engineer processing. Have you you you know that you know the Germans right I. If they were a powerful military led by a gentleman by the by the one testicle gentleman by the name of Adolf Hitler. One of the scariest people in human existence so bad so bad he ruined a moustache style for generic. Yeah no one wants to look like him ever. I'm not the. US military mightily defeated him with the help of our or allies. Certainly off so let that be a lesson to anyone else trying to ask so everybody gets together that how about against together. Certainly Elliot's would. NATO is all about the national anthem. New York universe sounds like just making sense of human grunt own every once in a while we get the satellite. We're getting a bad connection or something actually distracted with them seeing you naked body and the screen human. Do you mind tilting. The camera up offer offer. Keep it here because right on the bottom of a talk all out. Yeah so where do you want to be hired. You want to end up in video production or or It it also sounds like you were maybe involved in softcore at the very least porn. Yeah I was actually getting concerned about that Yeah Kiss Him and the scenes with we like very graphic yeah but just like HBO. You know what I'm saying like. Sometimes you gotta pay. What websites can access this web series on It's an encrypted encrypted link but but I don't you guys I wanted to ask you. How old are you earlier over eighteen? Okay all right. How about a fun game? Everybody gets made love guys. All right. is easy prices right rules. Where if we were disqualified or is it who's ever declared over the closest above or beyond? Okay one hundred twenty two. Wow I was going to say twenty two so about up maybe one hundred dollars for I am actually in this unit surprise people. I am in my early fifties. Why the the clock? Oh that's a Gotcha. How how old are you named eighty four years? It's not a ton better for a person you've got to be here. No I don't mean to imply that your time is elapsing before you've done anything of Note Scott can ask you you Christian police defense like I'm doing this thing wrong. which thing and live with my aunt for such a long time? I don't I don't have a job shop and I don't even know where to start. I well I mean how do I get. Whoa what do I do? Have you interviewed. Have you filled out applications. I've gone to the different restaurants. Start Young you've applied there. You're just not being there. Well I tell us about how strong your legs are true. You can bring get up if it's going to be a weakness but then it's a strength all You know I went to Applebee's in a view and then they make you do Ho test. Yeah personality tests like nothing. Allie rusher estimates. It isn't really. They need to know your personality. Got One era certainly has a personality and one that we love. Sarah how did you get a job at NASA acid God the audit. I said so many things I had the Cya law and then I hired the read all kinds of things reading gene and I looked and then I tried to do it and I did and so they had the AL takes her advice. I mean sometimes it gets complimented to hear it gets a compliment. Now it gets complicated. Thank you sometimes. It gets -CCOMPLISH. I wish I had your life. My talk they do now but I assume I mean Scott you have to admit head head writer movies. Yeah has I get the Scottish. Got The whole her whole world. And you're certainly not in your early thirties either. Now I'm actually actually hundred twenty two so I mean you look at your life and say Dan. This is working out for me. Wow that's so kind of you know. Maybe maybe I'd take it for granted the opportunities I have your eight yeah you're ungrateful tapping into your and gratitude. I'm I've got on gratitude. I Guess Yeah Yeah. We're putting out. I mean I is. Is this the field that you're interested in getting into maybe regularly you could. You could certainly give shadow a PA college humor. Oh well I already have a lot of experience. Apple Box neighborhood grew up on personality. Tests apple boxes is like a box. the technical term. Yeah yeah that's true. That's just fine. I mean it's pretty heavy. If someone who when you are in the web series we would have a little Easter egg like in every scene. There's an exposed apple box that's outside of mistake..

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