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Including getting in front of new general manager George Payton. We don't know if it's the first time or if it's just the first time that has been made public. But Alfred, but we were going into the break. We were talking about von Miller. Whether he we should or shouldn't be giving the Broncos Ah, home team discount. My question to you is If when the league year starts and he's do what I believe it's a $7 million bonus. If they were to honor that last year of his deal, and then put an extension together. What does that mean? Honor? You mean paying his full salary? Maybe bill paying the full salary that he's over his current deal? Could you then work out an extension where maybe it's a little bit. Of closer to the JJ watt money. Yeah, I think that what you can do is long as he gets his attention. What money is a lot less? No, isn't it? He's got $23 million in guaranteed money. Over two years. Yeah, So what about the $23 Million in guaranteed money is Guaranteed. So it's 15. I think it's $15,015 million over the course of two years, But in NFL terms, you just want to secure the guaranteed portion So if the Broncos came the bomb Miller and said to von Miller, we're going. We want to do a three year deal with you. We're going to give you $30 million in guaranteed money. Okay, now, 30 million is better than 18. Okay, But after 18 you hit the market Who knows what you're going to get. Chances are the salary cap goes back up, and then you have new money to play with teams that are desperate to win a Super Bowl. But ah $30 million, say state of the Broncos say we're going to give you a three year $30 Million, a three year contract extension 30 million of a guarantee Whatever those take number R R whatever the fake numbers are on. Your number. Uh, your number Three. Who cares? Okay, You're not gonna get to that. You're not gonna play that you're out. You're gonna negotiate another deal. If he's playing the way, I think he's gonna play and then away you go. So when you get to your three On that third year deal. You're gonna rip that deal up and do another extension. If Bond does the things that I think he can do when he's healthy. This is what I want to tell you about. Evaluation of past rushes. In my my Breakdown of pass rushes in particular. If you just use the only number Was as as a sect. Okay. Sex are the only numbers that you use. Okay. Okay. You got to use two years. Okay, You have to use two years. Because maybe one year was off. And then another year was on. That would you go back? Three years. If you missed a year in that, that's right. Okay, because you have to know who he was. Tried to that subpar year of eight sacks. Now I'm telling you During that year, where he had eight sacks. Was on this radio station, telling everybody that Von Miller is not being used correctly, and he is getting double team and triple team more than I ever have seen him in. It is time here in Denver, and by the way was getting no rest, like no rest. So there was a game where he only took off a couple place, right. So so, and I think that when Vic Fangio was brought in here, 58 was You know if he ate was going to play more Because I'm the Wade. Remember under Wade. We had this crazy rotation of good players playing a lot. We had guys like check, Barrett. Who in his last year and never have 5.5 sacks. We markets where the markets where we have Shane, um Ray chain Ray, you know we had, you know, Bomb Miller. So we have four guys rotating right? You know what that did to kept everybody fresh, But I don't believe John Light, seeing his $20 million a year player on the sideline as much as he did. So he wanted to get him back into the game and play him or and that's exactly what Victor Angio did his first year here in Denver. The reason that I'm telling you, this is because the being effective pass rusher you. It's like saying that you are an effective sprinter. Sprinters Don't run. Half miles. They don't want a mile. They don't run a run A 10-K. They don't run a marathon. They run sprints. Therefore You need to get him in okay and not punish him and make him stay on the field and for Dr is extended. You need to take that guy out and treat him like he's a sprinter. Sprinters need to have a break. You don't see why receivers running go routes and then coming right back to the huddle. They take a playoff, right? Yep. Then they come back in and then they go back to go back to work. You know that? That's that's the normal route of players in this league. You can't bust it out. 80 yards down the field 70 yards down the field and then run back to the huddle. Let's say Do it again. Yeah. Can you do it a couple times? Yeah. Can you do it? Three or four times? No, not at the same. Not at the same energy or the same, uh, fear that you can put an explosion that you can put into your opponent. You need a playoff. Every time the Broncos have been successful on defense, there's been a rotation, right? But look at last year, there was no bomb. Miller. Okay, We finished eighth in the NFL and sacks as a unit. And guess what we did. We rotated every single guy on that team. I mean, we rotated every single guy on that defensive front. If you played outside linebacker, you got a chance to rush the passer. And you know what? As a team. We had We were eight in the NFL. Let me tell you why. That's amazing. The reason that that that's amazing is because you only get a chance to rush the passer when you're winning the game. When will we winning games last year, maybe winning games or still in the game because If you think about it the first half of the first half of the games the second half of the games Rockers will have the Broncos were playing from behind that. That's what I'm telling you. Fourth quarters are win. Guys get sacks there a quarter when themes get nervous, and they feel like they've got to catch up. That's why, when you see some of these great players that are starting to talk about like Carlos Dunlap has been released by the Seattle Seahawks. Okay, this guy is a great football player. He's a great football player..

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