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Rock wielding stranger. Thrown to the ground and cowers under the angry crowd before someone shows up with zip tie the frustrated group held him in until police arrived and took him into custody. Doug Abraham was the one who provided the zip ties and helped restrain the man everybody get a great great job trying to get this guy down. So I applaud them, they're really the heroes. And back here live Doug Abraham says the man actually smashed about forty to fifty cars month causing thousands of dollars in damage. It didn't say a word during that entire rampage, but he did moan and groan while he was being restrained. Police eventually arrested him in connection with assault with a deadly weapon and attempted carjacking live in mid city. I'm Chris wolf KTLA, five news. This is Venice boulevard and south Fairfax down. They already have enough problem with diet further out. He was able to throw rocks at forty to fifty. Cars where the hell were the police did this take him so long in the afternoon. Yeah. Three fifty PM cops did get there. He's a dentist thirty two year old Emanuel Moncada that's the crazy transient without the shirt that was throwing the rocks at the cars. I mean, traffic bad enough. Now, I gotta deal with the vagrant on the street. Throwing rocks at me. What are you nuts, and what, what is evidence by the story, should I bring zip ties now whenever I travel just in case we have to restrain somebody. Zip ties. There's still there was no police response not for a long time. Mean how many cars did he hit the say there? Well, the officials are claiming sixteen but the witness there, the sabre have said more than forty. Maybe a lot of people drove off and didn't didn't complain to the police about it. And did the bus driver, did I get that, right? He actually opened the bus at one point until December to get off. Yeah. But that allowed him to get on the did love him to get on. I, I don't know. I guess the bus driver thought wouldn't you floor, it get out of there think you would right? I don't know why that happened. Maybe the bus was stopped at a light, and they started getting pelted with rocks and he's, like, we'll just say everybody off the bus because people guy got on people because he tried to steal a bus trying to take the bus, people dragged him out onto the sidewalk punching and kicking them, they pulled them and they threw him to the ground. Yeah. Somebody whipped up zip tie. Unbelievable this right. One person sixteen vehicles apparently struck by rocks. This is not a civilized world here. I've been this is what this is what a normal day is crazy, like and Kilgore sanding and traffic hurling rocks. Eric are said he's Los Angeles. What worries me too, because sometimes I take the one ten and you have those overpasses doubt how well the, the other day traffic came to a slow because the, the pro-abortion people are up there with their signs, staring up at them. Great, but vadis is dead fetuses now, worried somebody from skid rolling up there and drop a big piece of. Longcrete on all that's happened. It has happened usually it's like ridiculous teenagers who are just immature, but now it could be crazy vagrants. Yeah. And I think this guy throwing rocks and traffic Venice boulevard, who knows is anyone is anyone investigating what kind of drugs are out on the street now. Yes. Some different strain of drugs. That's making people act really violently. I they're absolutely fearless. I saw today this that they're dealing with so many mentally ill inmates in all the tales in prisons. And I don't know whether or not it's from the drugs because, you know, I just found this out this year that sometimes when people are high on meth people think they're just mentally ill, but they're actually it's the drugs, making them seem like that until the ill. And if you take enough, you get permanent brain damage. All right. When we come back Thousand Oaks, we're gonna go far from San Clemente for another vagrant story, apparently, people are not happy with the Thousand Oaks city council that approved by a five to nothing voting. Updated an old ordinance trying to differentiate between sleeping and camping on public property. And in the end that does allow homeless to sleep on public property overnight. Well, you'll hear a montage of residents very angry with this decision. They don't want Seattle or San Francisco, coming two Thousand Oaks, we'll get to a next John and Ken show, KFI, Debra.

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