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Picking MC hammer is the best ever rapper in the area. I looked at some lists during the commercial break. Oh in for the record. I I've seen several lists that list to pockets of bay area rapper. No, he might have represented death row against bad. Boy, in the east coast, west coast rivalry, Mike, as you know, but he's from New York. Okay. So I'm not pretty to pack as a bay area rapper. That's not that's factually incorrect. Yeah. No, listen, eat from New York, he just called the west goes home. It will be with, with biggie. And all those folks out there, but no, I'm with you on that one. So the issue is we, we have JD is that the list is very, very limited. I can't go I can't go with MC hammer. He's too commercialized. You know, I don't wanna be here too. Legit to quit blaring out there in, in the bay area during the final them going with e forty or too short as my guys in such a small group. But I'm going with either one. Those are probably would go with e forty it takes you back to my college days through, and I did have several too short, CDs back in the day as well. But what I'm saying is I mean, Drake is super commercialized. So don't you need someone with not the same Q rating? But someone that people have heard of as much as they've heard of Drake at one time in the early nineteen nineties, there was not a bigger act in America than MC hammer like he was the guy, you know, what's interesting is member. When hammer will be on the sideline of football games a lot. I mean if I'm not mistaken, he was a big Dion Sanders fan when he was with the Atlanta Falcons. He wasn't he wasn't. I don't think he ripped the, the raiders or the forty Niners or anything like that. But he was he's he was what Drake yesterday he was always gonna sideline, you know, you know, showing out, I don't think he had the same enthusiasm as Drake as Drake. It does on the silent he definitely wasn't going up and down, you know, massage and any coaches on. On the on the shoulders during football games. But yeah, as far as if you were going mainstream, you'll definitely give hammer. The the edge there. I'm just I just personally, personally, I was not a fan of MC hammer's music, I'll take Drake's music any day. But I'm sure it'll be a top of this discussion off a basketball court during leading up to the final enduring the final still. Yep. Drake is off to the finals, the Greek freak is not tough series. Mike for Jaanus and the butts in kind of a little immature off the floor last night. This was our Melita Andrews, a fantastic job covering the NBA for us on ESPN dot com, asking Yannis. I've thought it very fair question after the game and curious, you guys have talked a lot about how at this point, you know, sometimes it takes experience. I'm wondering if you have some bad experience. If you see more validity to that point, or what you think about that navy gone for it. He walked out. And that was it. I'm sure people are like, hey, so where's the answer? No. That was Johnson's answer. He got up left. Chris Milton kind of looking around like a Jonah's. Where are you going man? Where were you walking up to there was nothing wrong with that question by the talented Milica Andrew, it was, I Yang is from everything. I've heard and read has always been cooperative with the media, but the handle it necessarily, I think it's very unprofessional. Too many athletes are thinking they're controlling how things are going to be done, whether it's Russell Westbrook. You know, you know, showing his bad side by not, you know, saying next question to report it to Oklahoma newspaper or Janas, getting off the stage. Answer the question it is not like she's taking a shot at Janas. It's very legitimate question on the future of the Milwaukee Bucks. It is a hundred percent fair. It's exactly what people have been talking about typically speaking, there's a kind of a pecking order in the end. BA a hierarchy if you will where it usually takes teams time to break through unless you're a team that has a ton of superstars thrown together Mike, so like when LeBron goes to Miami, although they lost their first finals, you can win quick when that happens when Golden State one, they've got stuff that got clear. They've got Draymond. Okay. But the big narrative tooled Milwaukee throughout this postseason was there a one superstar team? That's it one superstar. It's much harder to win in the NBA when you have one superstar on your roster. And when you have ADT team constructed, like that, of course, they are more susceptible to the whole you need to I get to a conference finals before you push through and get to the finals. That's what happened in the NBA in the eighties all the time teams were knocking on the door like Detroit. Then they bust through Chicago. Then they bust through. That's the natch. Order of things in the NBA. So for him to get fended by that question. Honestly, mike. I don't get it. We are a sensitive society, you know, these guys have nothing but wonderful things written about them three hundred and sixty four days out of the year and one negative that I have a negative one thing that might hit a little close to home that might cause you some self reflection and you take offense to that whether it's Janas or Durant these guys, the positive stories versus the negative it has to be two hundred to one, but the ones I'm they get upset. Come on. Is that you know what? Okay. Janas may be mad upset that his his team blew a two zero lead in lost the series, you can handle it a different way. I mean you and I've been in, in media inside interview sessions after games where a player has said you know what the game is over. I need to think about it before I before able to address there's different ways, but the sit there and disrespect. Maliki like that is such a horrible look by Janas, who is going to be one of the front runners for the MVP this year with him and James harden. The walk off the stage is it's insulting. It is very insulting to the media. The sit there and do it. And this is not like the, the question was horrible Maliki was crossing the line. Okay. Maybe you can see it. But there was Vero wrong with the question that was asked to Jaanus Andrews was on Sunday morning, right here on ESPN radio earlier today. And she addressed Yanez walkout. Is a ferocious competitor. And he and I actually spoken since then it's nothing personal. And I, you know, I respected, and that was that was he'd reached his limit of answering questions today, and that's all there is to it. But believe it had nothing to do with, with you personally know nothing with you writing about how, you know, if they need to get to a finals for him to stay nothing like that. He just didn't he, he was done emotionally. Yeah. Emotionally. Well still. Listen. I mean, we all reach our limit in life, right? But typically speaking, I don't just walk away from some. I'm having a bad day or you know, I've reached my limit, and yet I get one more phone call about this not happening, or this isn't going, well, I'm not just going to walk away from someone or a group of people and say, peace, I'm outta here, and there are other ways to handle it. If you're, if you're in a fan base, Milwaukee Bucks you wouldn't know what Janas thinking, because the reality is we've seen it over and over again. We saw this season when Anthony Davis when you were a MVP caliber player in the talent surrounding you is not as close to you. And you're in a small quote unquote small market team in the NBA. You wonder okay, Ken, Ken that fan base keep him. Can they keep you on his? Can they do enough to put enough talent around him? Can they build off a wig, just happened? My get into the Eastern Conference finals, those questions that fans want to know Ken to Milwaukee Bucks take another step. And get to the Eastern Conference finals again. And then get to the NBA finals. So it's a very good question. And everybody wants to know the answer. Milwaukee's a great city. I live, you know, fifty minutes away, brand new facility Jaanus is is an excellent player. Future's, bright. I hope they can attract some, some good players. I know it's harder for the smaller market teams like you said to attract those guys. But I think the future is still bright for honest and the bucks. But certainly, I hope he uses the experience of this Eastern Conference finals and kind of channels that the right way is off season and make some adjustments. There was no one more anti box than our guy Ryan Hollins. He's gonna join us coming up next to recap the Eastern Conference finals Dickerson and hood with Mike well sitting in it's ESPN radio. We.

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