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Department. Do you I unit State granted funded so that they can go out control the streets and looking for people guilty or appears innocent as well. The drum up charges against them in order to continue the funding that they have. My wife voluntarily as a good citizen, got out of the car, participate in a field sobriety test when she was asked to blow repeatedly. Nothing came up on the Breathalyzer because all she had had Was the water and a lemonade. Yes. My wife was arrested, handcuffed, brutally handcuffed. And charged initially arrested under suspicion Do you are from work? She didn't do anything with the breath glass, and then all of a sudden she's course intimidated and threatened and to taking a blood alcohol test. Because, obviously, now you have to try to see if you can drum up charges for my wife taking drugs. My wife was charged with Driving while intoxicated with the minor child. I'm very upset with the fact that my grandson, Jackson was in danger by being left in the car, which is a couple of police officers, not even the courtesy. Wait for our youngest daughter and her husband to come there and retrieve our grandson while Mom, Grandma. My wife must be interested. So here's the deal. This is what has to happen. Number one officer L. Harris 11792. That's for bash number needs to be terminated from the Dallas police Department. That's why I want to see happen. Number two. The charges brought against my wife must be dropped and her record must be cleaned. Because this is all that happened. Here's to prove she was not drinking that night and to force her into taking the blood test using a warrant and all these other tactics, these Gestapo like tactics. My wife does not take drugs or by the way, the only thing she had taken her earlier that they were to etcetera. And then the other thing that has to happen, Uh, chief of police, Garcia. Dallas Police Department Mayor Eric Johnson, mayor of Dallas and Dallas District Attorney John Cruz. Oh, you will come to my house and you were publicly apologize to my wife to my grandson Jackson into his parents, our youngest art Austin and Dad J. D. Now I want to see this happen by close of business Tuesday, second I also want to see a review of this Dallas D u I unit because if they're going out there trolling the streets, just looking to make collars because they have some quotas so they can continue to get state funding The citizens of this area. Don't need that. Now I want to see these things happen. They don't happen. I will end up becoming your worst nightmare because I will defend the honor of my wife and my family but also defend the honor of the Dallas Police Department because corrupt officers and corrupt practices should not dishonored of thin blue line, and I will also defend the honor of the citizens. Here in North Texas in the Dallas area. Very simple things that I'm asking for because the proof is right here. You arrested the woman. You disrespected her. You tarnish her reputation because she had a cup of water. And a couple lemonade. That is unacceptable. God bless you and God. Keep er All right. I've This is difficult because I like the Lieutenant Colonel Allen West. I like him a.

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