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San Bernardino mountains Julia racer with so cal Edison tells can exit crews are working as quickly as possible to fix damage lines we understand that destruction the storm because it's really inconvenient for our customers and we're working around the clock to get their power back as soon as possible to expedite this work we have brought in additional crews from other parts of our service territory the majority of the outages are related to the winter weather that we've just experience no high and strong winds so far no estimate on when all the power will be restored Caltrans warning drivers headed to the mounds to take caution over packed roads expected to last throughout the weekend drivers bring your tire chains or if you have snow tires for the snow and ice CBS two is Candace grown spoke with people in right word there are a few I owe like black eye spots kind of look like but I mean for the most part we just went slower in those okay let me write up but the traffic from down the hill was miserable tractors were out late monitoring road conditions driving to this winter Wonderland was treacherous bumper to bumper traffic near mount Baldy and a sea of red lights along Angeles crest highway it was a similar scene and Big Bear were kids frolic in fresh white powder most of the hotels and cabins are either sold out or will run you upwards of three hundred dollars for one night Caltrans also says driver should give themselves plenty of time to get where they need to go it's five thirty two right now are women is killed after the cab she was in a hit in LA fire department ambulance Ellie fire officials say the ambulance had lights and sirens on when the crash occurred this morning habit on west Jefferson.

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