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Wrong solution is imposing tariffs because one china will impose tariffs back to those tariffs will be tax on the american people three it won't just be hurtful to tack and working families in the technology industry calling ordine al ceo the silicon valley leadership group which represents more than three hundred fifty hi tech companies here says no one wins in a trade war tariffs are always a mistake they never end well turned to the last page of the book and it is a tax on the american people and announcing the terrorists president trump cited what do you call china's unfair trade practices and in the silicon valley bureau by colgan kcbs although san francisco officials are still counting the last few votes in the city's mayoral election board of supervisors president london breed is expected to take office in july she tells kcbs her two main priorities as she serves out the rest of late mayor ed lease term center around housing greed has proposed assigning court appointed conservatives in the cases of one hundred to one hundred and fifty homeless people it's creating health related issues for these particular individuals because they cannot take care of themselves and on top of that we can't keep them housed once we try and get them to maybe the navigation center or into a single occupancy hotel or anything like that we've had a lot of challenges with that and so the particular cases could help people to understand why this is necessary for the purposes of helping that individual clearly everyone wants us to solve the problem but we're going to have to make hard decisions to get to a better place and this is one of them she also says more needs to be done to make the city of.

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