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Twenty three and a half minutes past the hour on first light Kevin car is here and I guess it's no spoiler to say the Scott Walker family saga now comes to an end for Star Wars morning Michael just took to frame this it's not the last Star Wars movie you're going to see because Disney didn't spend four billion dollars to get the Lucas home right just to let it end this is the end of the nine episode saga that started with Star Wars back in nineteen seventy seven and kind of ties up this guy Walker blood line and the characters of that this movie is directed by J. J. Abrams and in a lot of ways it's a response to the last chat I which was the last one directed by Ryan Johnson that left stands very polarized and I gotta say I was not a fan of the last movie when I went into this theater and I started watching this movie within a couple minutes I realized I feel like I'm watching the Star Wars movie again and it feels like you're back in the in in the seat of the millennium falcon with plenty of nostalgia and fan service which is absolutely fine to put in a movie but also some new stuff and to give characters a worthy are now it's ultimately raise movie but you get a lot of other than a lot of the other characters in there and I think anyone who loves the force awakens in the return of the return of Star Wars several years ago are going to love this movie as well all right so when when it comes to reading this now we can't read it with stars because we don't want any death stars may be slipping in there so how many how many light sabers you're going to give Star Wars the rise of sky Walker I'm going to give it four and a half out of five lightsabers because it really did it for me brought back Star Wars to what I feel in the Star Wars needs to be all right thank you Kevin card is twenty five past the hour on first light.

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