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You could get in real trouble following you're so interesting point, Gordon. Except we have Tom Lower taxes on seniors go ahead. Hi, Tom. Your own. MMA Josh Kolinsky, the financial quarterback. Yes. Hi. I was wondering if you could tell me the status of a Bill HR 39 71, which is a bill to stop the taxation of so security benefits to seniors. Uh, I called my representative about the bill and her aide said that the bills no longer viable that it's that it's not tables anymore. Can you confirm that Well, it's probably true and it sounds like a great idea, but Not gonna happen. HR 39 71. Yeah, it Z dead in the water. I have to tell you. It's dead even without looking up. Yeah. So And as a senior, I'm I'm not looking to take rmds. But when I turned 72, I'm going to have to take our MD's. There's no chance of that being extended from 72 2. 75 or or something further out. Well, the armed eases 72. I don't see the government is broke. They need tax revenue. So why would they end Social Security taxation? On Wealthier seniors. Why would they end? Yeah, the senior Citizen's Tax elimination Act. Was posted by a guy named Thomas Massey. Who Was dubbed some inappropriate names by Former President Donald J. Trump. This was a good bill Thomas Massey. Actually, I was Thomas Massey was kind of a fiscal Conservative and but he was public Enemy number one. When he was against Signing the stimulus bill or something. Because he thought it should be red. And it had too much pork. But the bill amends the Internal Revenue code. His actual bill. I'm saying it right now on my iPad. But it is not I don't think it went anywhere. It's HR 39. HR 39 71. So Thomas Massey, who was dealt Rather unfortunate name by our president by a former president. So, uh, Thomas Massey. Here was a guy talk about money and meaning in a world without redemption. Here was a guy who was being chastised by Republicans. For saying Let's not add To the national debt. Without a debate. Let's actually have a debate on the floor. About the biggest stimulus. In human history. Let's have a debate. So Any other questions on that, Tom No, no, You've helped me a lot. Thank you very much Wonderful question. And folks give us call 803 2107 10. And like us. On YouTube go.

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