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What had the Bishop Dunn Bishop Baldwin looked up into the eyes of the man who was over twice as height the horse of a commoner didn't get to eat next to the horse of a Bishop. So he corrected the error. He'd opened the door to the stables and slapped the horse to get into runoff. Carl pursed his lips. All right. Well, a slap verse lap. Then he raised his hand above his head. But the Bishop begged to stop he was a man of God Carl's is grew wide. Then act like one can't just put down his goblet when a slap landed with enough force to knock the Bishop out. Going ran to the Bishop who's out cold in the stone floor K winced. Yeah. That's really bad for you. Then a more alarming thought than an elderly Bishop getting a concussion and dropping to a stone floor came to mind, his horse, his horse might be eating next to that of a lowly commoner like Karl he rose. An also ran to the stables while Carl was presuming his nine gallon drink and going was dragging the Bishop to one of the couches without an apex predator hiding underneath it Carl heard another slap in a snort from outside K came in smiling and smugly brushed off his hands done and done. Get this Carl's cold Carl's have been eating alongside his Steed took care of that. As the twelve foot tall Carl Rosen loomed over K K laughed in his face. What was this commoner this wannabe, Laura? Gonna do with k king Arthur's Senegal slap him. No Carl replied without warning the commoners left hook came in strong K to drop like a sack of potatoes to the stone. Going dragged his will friend will be a strong word for K. Let's say he dragged his work acquaintance to the couch next to the Bishop and left to check on the horses. Carl flexed his knuckles readying himself for the next time. But going to a lot longer when Carl finally went out looking for him. He was in the stable soaking wet feeding hate the panicked full and the angry Colt that he had gone onto the storm to find. When he saw Carl watching him as he made his way back to the main hall going nodded and went to go help as friends. We'll see a strange.

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