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It's unbelievable, man. I mean, when you have zero points, you can't argue that much. There's a rule, actually. It's in the book. It's very rarely cited, but that would be a good rule. If you got a technical and Eric Lewis was like, you're violated in the you have no points. You need one bucket to address us at any point. Like it'd be just great. There are three minutes into the second quarter and he comes over for a 7th meeting. And they're like, until you score, you can't talk to us. Actually be a pretty good reason. We're talking about it. We should cut down a lot of talk. We should have a spin up podcast where we just talk about grant Williams and interview with different people in the Celtics organization with great wave stories. I told you, right? Did I tell you the story about LeBron? Yeah, yeah, oh yeah, you should tell it though. Okay. Because the person that told it to me was checking in with me today going, I am so excited about all your grant Williams content. You have the freedom to tell the story. I was like, I think I really did. Maybe I just told Bill off the year. All right, so the story goes. And by all accounts, like your answer kind of guy you would want on your team, but it can be a little grating personality wise. And he's big on being prepped on everything too. Like everything and I know all the plays and whatever. So he was on the bench they're playing the Lakers and LeBron was about to inbound and grant gets up and he's like, horns, you know, whatever the set was that he was convinced. He's like, it's gonna be hard. It's gonna be hard. You know, which would be for out of bounds. So just forget my terminology here. But grant was streaming specifically the terminology based on his film prep of what it's gonna be and LeBron looks at him and he goes, no Greg, no Greg. Greg. Greg Williams. It's kind of like what Jackie Mack call me KFC. That's better. We should turn that into a sponsorship. I have a question for you guys. KFC is great on the draft. KFC. Do you think the line is on FanDuel for game 7 Celtic seat? Say Boston minus three and a half. Can I see? I was going to say four and a half. It is Boston by two and a half. Raheem Palmer, new free agent acquisition for the ringer, starting next week. He says since 2003, we've only had two instances of home teams being underdogs in game 7 of the NBA playoffs. They both won too, probably. Can you name the teams? This would be interesting. I would have gotten one of them, I would have forgotten the other. Since how long 2003. So last 19 years. All right, first one. Cyrus saw the 2018 rockets. 5.5 underdogs to the Steph KD warriors and the warriors won. The other one, the 2015 rockets, the game after the jash Smith Corey brewer game, they were two and a half point dogs at home and they won game 7. For the record, despite the Chris Paul allegiance I was not rooting for him in that series in 18. In 18, Hardin canceled it all out. And Chris Paul was heard anyway. Yeah, so I had to excuses. So this is the first time since 2003 that we haven't had Chris Paul involved in an underdog game 7 situation. So he's got to be relieved. That's pretty good. I think this should be even us. Without rob and with smart on one leg and with whatever's going on with grant Williams and the fact that Jimmy's going a little bit and Kyle Lowry kind of came out of his coffin. Yeah, but don't you think this line also reflects the other side of like if Jimmy was that terrible and banged up for three games, what do you expect? But credit van Gundy for saying what I think a lot of us have said, the Thai Lou line about, hey, what's the injury report? Everybody's hurt everybody's playing, okay? There's that. And van Gogh can sound like some old curmudgeon at times, but I actually think he might be more right about the rest of us that are like, oh, this guy's hurt her. That guy's heard of this guy. Oh, he had a bad game. He was her. And sometimes it's true, like we don't really know, but I also think these guys are capable of doing some pretty incredible things that put them in positions to be pro basketball players in the first place. So it's a total guessing game, but I don't think you can only paint it with the what if scenarios with three different Celtics storylines and completely ignore that I think Vegas because the number was so big tonight. They might have been begging you to take the heat because they just think Boston. Yeah. That's the thing. They said the line, they want equal amounts of action. I was driving around listening to Eddie Johnson and Justin turman yesterday and the serious NBA show. Is that your favorite radio show? I think it's great. Anytime I'm driving around, I'm a 100% listener..

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