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I am resolved show steven jackson and i do want to sit down this week he threw a half bill seeks roll down to the scores table and landed right ross said i went to grab wron another guy those of bureau ruin space and he just happened to be on the same role with me that this is in and probably the hardest binds them had any by with my life jio mr s p and radio and on the espn app if you're giants should your aghast at just how bad the this does mike in my kid is unreal which is really going to beg the question what do you do with are the giants if they have a high pick and there are multiple quarterbacks with highgrade war do they do you draft one and july for another year or two suit draft one and say were we'll move it on and try and trade ally and it just end the lie manning era going to be really interested because this team 100 nazis monte radio in shia that party's gonna get allowed earth one sashi rescinded asteroids world series yes in the yes pnn rescinded by indeedcom sms yes sd card did you know that jose could say goes finger fell off during a poker game we did a good show today man sixty eight percent of the audience that so again today that all our job is done stu guides that's that's calling program which put together job everyone labor tires show we they still god's sony is pm radio.

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