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Next question next question. Do you want to tackle a Romanian Hoti or a person who might kill their cat killing cat, kill the cat. Let's get another girl's name, moon chance, Ivan. All right. Moonshine Simon, Emily rights, I'll get straight to the point. I'm scared. I'm gonna kill my cat or at the very least injure her severely. We just moved and out of our house. The two cats slept in the basement in the old house. I know it sounds like a cold healthcare, but they actually loved it. But now they don't have a basement or anywhere for them to sleep. So I was like, fuck it. They can sleep in my room and it's one to have them with me. But here's the thing. One of the cats Lottie will always sleep right next to me on the pillow. She's small enough to take out about half of it, so I don't really move her. I always feel too guilty now you might be thinking, okay, no problem if you roll over on her, I'm sure she'll just meow and run away. I fucking wish the thing is. Lottie is extremely fucking stupid. I don't know if she just doesn't register pain or what, but she doesn't. I accidentally stepped on her tail once and she didn't flinch. She just looked at me dead in the eyes. So I fear that I might roll over in suffocate and crusher. I know she would just let it happen. I love her to death, but she so painfully dumb. The other cat had to teach her how to groomer self when I got her, she stunk for the first year of life until he was like, okay, fuck you stink. This is how you're gonna clean yourself. So yeah, to sum it up, I might roll over on my cat. She just might let it happen. Please help also not sure if we're supposed to like put an our info on here, but if it's something or if it's something you sorta guests, but I'll do it anyway. I'm female, fifteen and from California have fun, helping me not kill my cat are right. We are all Lodhi. We're all the dumb cat. They're all the dumb cat and big. So dumb. You don't even say you're in pain. I'm stepping on your foot and you stare at me, dumb. This is fine on the debt. I wish I didn't feel this or maybe she just doesn't feel the pain at all. Yeah, I think even if you don't feel pain, you'd probably feel when you're getting suffocated, what's happening. I'm blacking out and I am gone forever. Good night now. I also think it'd be really hard to like roll over on her if she's on the pillow and you suffocate her. Yeah, you'd have to move or under the pillow. Yeah, and she would have to be so dumb. She wouldn't struggle to get out. Here's what I want you to try. Give her a little half drown. No, a little half drowned to see if she struggles. Otherwise, what if she's just staring at you? Blink faced under the water and little bubbles are coming out of her nose to dumb to even be afraid of water. Then at that point you'd give the cat, you realize you actually have a stuffed cat right? Cat Mahdi's not a real cat. He has no body. She's a stuffed little haughty. She can't feel or experience or communicate pain that's lobby for you. That's like it's like the extreme version of why people don't like cats. It's like, I can't. I can't reason with this beast. Right? It's it's nice to hear. It's kind of refreshing to hear a cat is stupid because people are like, oh, the cats are so smart. And yeah, they're so smart that for a fiction because they're smarter than you. Yeah, we'll gimme a dumb ass dog. Then I want someone who's so dumbly think I was dead when I left for five minutes. Now when I'm back there fucking shit. That's paying. When I step on Luke's tale, I want to hear a little hill yet. Two. Because on like an elephant, my cat never forgets. I'm trying. I'm thinking about getting a dog thinking hard about getting dog. You dog sat the other day..

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