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Perfect cover going on to read on the internet I read anyway look I just discounted that I mean after after the ambassador to the E. U. ambassador who I I believe what he said I I believe that would Gordon said but he didn't there's no perspective to this because as we discussed last week on your fine program I wrote about this in the United States a trumpet I talked to present way before any of the phone call any of this stuff happened way before any of this and he said to me I'm going to expose the Obama administration for corruption in the two thousand sixteen election and that's what the call to you gray was doing me a favor tell me what happened there Biden was corrupt I want to know what okay that's what it's all about so it is all so it is always better than he's been in that yeah it's not about holding up it's about trump saying to the new president please help us out but if you say no they're gonna be foreign policy recriminations it didn't have anything to do with the election trump verses by it has everything to do with trump's obsession and that is the war with the bill mom and his administration yeah but let's let's look at this if if you have Rudy guiliani as a personal lawyer they're trying to say your he was running a shadow operation no he wasn't no you won't what trump told them to do which was really ani is a mistake all right Giuliani is a mistake he is not the guy that you want representing you in public now in private yes a guy in the world I don't know well Julie on a used to be very buttoned up I had guiliani on the show this this week and he was his his old self he was the you know the mayor of New York the guy that put the the grass families pine bar he was very well spoken he was tempered and and I think he just gets so frustrated by all of the lies and deceptions and and the the dismissive ness of the of of the media when they have no fax no fax Hey this is what's going on really matter anymore and I think Julia Julie on a may be indicted the you know for a bunch of technical laws that he may have violated by going overseas and doing certain things there certainly after him hang on just second if he's going over there he's going over there and he is trying to find what really happened with the DNC during the election doesn't the president have a right to have his name over there and that'll be the defense right but we don't know what the strong arm tactics where we don't know what happened what was said and I think guiliani representing Donald Trump is a mistake I've said that for many many not years but minds I just don't think he's the right guy you need a more great guy yeah yeah yeah I agree I agree I agree now there is a huge story and I know you have to take a break and all that but I want to get to the democratic debate and the fix was in back the fix was in and I'm the only one who broke the story I have the story I want to tell you in your audience about it and it has to do with with Donald Trump somewhat but it it centers around Joe Biden okay we're gonna give that in just a second we're gonna break for one.

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