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Air ninety two three FM online A. T. T. A. R. dot com and streaming live on the key TA our news app your breaking news and traffic to to good Saturday afternoon I'm John roller president trump signing a bill into law that's designed to reduce robo call we've all gotten calls like this site is a Josh from the customer service department the new law will increase fines for illegal robo calls is not gonna do much because they've got millions of dollars of fines that they've assessed and collected hardly any of it but the data doctors can colbern says there are things about the law that will help the government is requiring the industry to come up with some kind of verification system for caller ID in that bill they said you cannot charged customers extra for this new service that we're mandating you come up with Coburn says will never completely get rid of rubble calls because not all of them are illegal buddy says this is going to continue to grow if we don't figure out a way to to spend this stuff off fob Maclay KTAR news the battle between ride sharing companies and sky harbor continues city of Phoenix arguing the four dollar increase towards uber and lift his legal KTA ours legal analyst Monica Lindstrom said make a good argument in the sense that what we're not treating them any different than any other entities on airport property for commercial purposes if you're using the airport to make money there we should be allowed to charge you she tells the brew Saint James and Pamela hue show all the city has a strong argument right sure companies are still being charged more than taxis going into sky harbor both uber and lift say they're pulling out of their services beginning on February first AS you officially expanding to downtown mesa it broke ground late this week on its first academic building called a issue at mesa city center it'll open by the year twenty twenty two spring semester it's the first of several buildings a issue is bringing to downtown mesa well if you're in the West Valley heading into downtown Phoenix as we can be aware of a closure a doubts Doug Nestle says they are cleaning and doing maintenance on the I ten total eastbound direction of I ten will be closed between the I. seventeen stack interchange on over to the state route to fifty one many stacked that'll be through nine o'clock Saturday morning and the southbound state route fifty one in west bound loop two oh two rams the eastbound I. ten will stay open for more freeway restrictions you can head to K. T. A. R. dot cop let's see how the valley road ways all are right now Patrick grow to keep an eye on things live in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center either Joe with a big cross working in Phoenix I something north under cactus road overture vehicle there's like the right lane and from the right shoulder for your truck is really backed up for you and a new crash south of you is in Phoenix a cave creek road and.

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