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Harmon any mazor wgn sports kevin powell also out at national park let's let's continue the conversation about kyle hendrix the as as kevin powell mentioned the idea that there's a little secondguessing on the idea of carl hendricks pinger number one starter game one starter a he deserved it of course had a great second half but do you know the they've got john lester they got jake arrieta other people of course the injury kyle hendry prove tonight that he deserved this spot i ate the to my own heart here ex i love to but i i i think we said it uh last week when i was on with you just it it just made sense that here's a guy who's been there done that he's the most help these been their best picture and you know we can come back if there is a game five so i just thought it was pretty logical that he will go start and then you're not going to back them up with kintana because you never been there so it just makes sense that go to leicester and then come back home i i figured you give area as much time as possible to get healthy and you know blind squirrel funds note i got the one that's one that it made sense that it fell right for me but tremendous amazing it was great amazed you're doug me on twitter i i put out is there anyone smarter than you yes and then i i said you'll be learning a lot this postseason but i it just he mad at alluded to hendricks about a week before the season ended unprompted brought about this carl edwards young while any sovietera tip desert that he hey this is who were going to go with isleta this way you know we we talk about the in the nationals hardhitting in and good hitting lineup i going to be asked me when when you're heartening to you might that you hit fastballs you're not ready for carl hedrix because there's nothing straight first of all nothing over ninety miles an hour and it just disrupt slow i make it easy dad's him and because cal had a to hit or tonight in his seven innings strong he.

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