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Here. I'm doing good thank you. Well we've got some really cool stuff going on night. Everybody we're going to be talking. I to jason who is uh atheist and he is also a paranormal investigator. So we're going to see how this actually fits in to huntings cryptic words. Ufo's all this kind of stuff and see where his thoughts are on all of this as well as discussing the new ufo report released by the united states government which basically basically told us that we know more than they do for the most part. So we're going to be getting into that as well and talking about our findings in you know gone over this thing really You know with kind of a fine tooth comb it. It's just incredible but that's going to be on the second half of our show the first half our show. Jason welcome to the show. Buddy how are you doing tonight. Oh pretty good pretty good. You know nervous not to be nervous everybody on. Here's friends we. We've got some people already in the chat we've got landed. We got sonia how you guys doing. We appreciate y'all stop and by landon worlds by the way jason. He is also an atheist into. He's got a pretty awesome story. You know how everything started out. And he was technically at one point in time he was gonna be a priest. I believe from my correct. Landon if you want to know type that in there but So anyway he he's an atheist and we're gonna be talking about how all this fits in with the paranormal rick. We're gonna let you start off and jump right into it okeydoke. thank you thank you. I appreciate that. Well i basically wanted to get the whole jason. Because i spoke to a few people before hand and They want they just were just interested. You know how do you reconcile being an atheist as far as being that belief system and being in the paranormal. Probably the number one question. Jason that i got from these people was. How do you do that. How how can you be an atheist and believe in the spirit world so to speak. Well being is more on discovering type thing. It's it's it's not that. I think that i won't believe it until i have proof. I was raised thirty thirty years of my life as a christian. Not that i lived in my mom's basement but thirty years i was. I was a devout christian. I got into the paranormal phil studying everything just about all kinda just disappeared from me. I didn't believe in anything else. But what i had seen so growing up i had seen all the activity going on around me even being adult seeing things happening around me. I know that that's a fact right. I see that kind of prove that stuff my ev. The danes that. I've seen happen right in front of things thrown off tables so to me. Those are acts that i can. I can continue doing what i'm doing. But when it comes to religion like you know any gods or anything. Like that. Until i have backed that can prove that they exist or don't exist just honestly dismissing those things as i do four or believing things. There's there's there's been some. I watch tiktok lot you guys watch. Well i follow api on tiktok and the one thing that they do that impressed me as they go back through the bible and they actually bring things that could happen or could happen. They they bring this these things up to you like a once. I i'm biting. I didn't hear but basically they bring up these different different things you know. Could i could go on with that. Believes the market. I could possibly the things. They're talking about because these are accessing pulled out of the by more or out that they can prove so. It's not. I would never believe but it would take those hardbacks To believe and all that being said when when people demons and an investigation and things like that or why do you go in there by yourself. Why do you how do you. How do you do that now. Aren't you afraid you're going to get hurt. I'm really not because it's it's to me. These are these are consciousness. Talk what you have in your brain. What makes you who you are. That's what i'm investigating and if you want to see my mom my mom right there bag but but it's consciousness it's just. It's my grandma you know friends at a pass. These what are around us. These are what are trying to contact. That's that's why. I keep doing it. Because i would like to talk to my mom one day. I want like some of the friends. I've lost in the past and we've made contact for other people. That's why i'm buying minute nowadays more than anything else. It's just to see what's on the other side. Because i've had a couple of close calls myself so that's really cool jason. I know that I started following me and you Good gosh. I can't remember how far back it was when you hooked up and watching your show and some of your investigations and things like that and Yeah i mean it was just something that that intrigued me was your ability to sit there and do what you do. Because just like landon was talking about He's in the same genre so to speak as you are in that you guys want the facts. You guys want the evidence you guys have got to be basically shown and i think at pretty will follow along in that same category two because we want the facts. We want the evidence to be right there in front of this. I don't i. Don't see the spirituality part sometimes like you do in our investigations as much as i do the scientific as if if you wanna call it. Scientific okay Some people have a hard time dealing with that word scientific because it is hard to prove scientifically a lot of this crap that we've seen doubt l. and i mean there's so many people out there i mean we have a common friend but we'll dismiss scientific proof for you know scientists art of this bill. It's all spiritual religious. That's bothers me. Because that's that's kind of how the you're warned. But the warren's were they were really not as much science as there was either a demon or spirit and it's all about you know god in the double and when i first got into this i want i. I know there was any other way to be. I just knew. But i knew there were spirits out there. I knew there were angels. I knew there were demons. I just didn't know what. I was gonna contact scared but now that i don't believe in the religious part of i go into a place i i to me i. I don't have to run away from that to me..

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