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Of days ago. Here's our results. Somehow it was a case where okay great now we gotta take another test right there on the spot and my wife was starting to get a little bit frustrating here and she started talking to the people there at a cvs cassivi s. Were the ones that were doing. The rapid tests and everything. Oh my god a horrific story too. I didn't share this in the written up review before written up review that i Posted over at the full one mania website but there was one woman that had this horrible experience with the instant rapid tests their Story short the person that was administering the tests. You have a cvs and everything stuck the little snow. Swab so-far up. This woman's knows that she was bussing up blight just everywhere out of that. One nostril homegirl had nerve to try to take notice swab and go into the other nostril and homegirl was like no. No no no. No once is good enough for me. I will do this one. You know all my guys like how do you go that far up. Where you're making a person bleed that bad. I mean just just crazy but and nap particular section. It was definitely Understaffed and there was shows. There is no excuse for that. There is no excuse for that. Because you've had this vaccine now that's been out since december of last year. You know and it really really really should ban boom boom boom boom boom boom boom right now. I will say this full disclosure norwegian cruise. Line six man. Chris jericho all parties involved. They did not like the way this was handled so to make up to everybody to had experienced this. Everybody didn't matter what time he checked in. Every body had god a one hundred dollar credit on their account already there. You didn't have to do anything. I mean you literally could have just turned on your tv. I and look at your account that way. It's kinda cool. How they had that setup by the way us log in and go to the channel. Go to the go to the norwegian cruise line channel. And you could pretty much look at your m. box You can look at your account information. See how much credit You've basically spent so far on the cruise and everything and see all the transactions that you've done since you've been on a cruise and sure enough. There was two credit right. There are credit actually had came in the very next day so a little bit over twenty four hours later. We all had got memos and everything. Now here's what was really cool. Most people had realized this that was on the cruise. Let's say let's say you're on the cruise right. Let's say you're with your significant other. If you're thinking all cool. I got one hundred dollar credit none. No because you know each head. The wait is cruise. Works is not just one person all yom bringing might know both of you all pretty much. Have your own respected accounts. Although it is tie to that one room for coming from so you know. Basically long story short. You know there were two of you. You know sharon rome both. Y'all had got one hundred dollar credit. So i thought that was kind of cool how they Redeem themselves and everything one thing that was also pretty cool Was we did get to see See this is what i'm talking about. that's peter avalon. Right there by the way had a just went pass. I can't remember who Those cats were. It was funny was Rebel with the hat there. There's will hobbs right there. Here's we'll hobbs. People rely hubs in. He just kinda you know. I got a funny. I got a funny. We'll have story too. I don't know if he realized this too. I'm sure this will get back to them. Somehow i got a funny. We'll hop story was was on the deck twelve hours at the garden cafe house getting some food and add like the late night munchies. Or whatever and i run into will hobbs as Gin ready to get on the elevator and my hands are so full. And i say to will hobbs. Say could you please press blah blah for me and you know all i heard. Was you know it's kind of like a grunting or whatever and I'm looking at the food and china my best to balance it and then i look at the buttons. I'm like oh nine. Now press accident. I say kay. Can you please hit wab law for me. And he goes. Oh this ain't going up music. Cnn he immediately got off the elevator. And i just stood there. I'm like myself and so. I'm struggling with my elbow trying to hit the damn button without dropping my food and luckily i was able to do right but i'll just like us and coach. It will hops. You're going to do a brother like that man stick together but there's your funny Will hop story right. There is traveling with an extra pair of sneakers. A pain in the ass kicked strap is the only attachable shoe bag that secures around any backpack or golf bag that allows you to carry your extra pair of sneakers hands. Three while is separates dirt and older away from your personal belongings inside your bag kick. Strap is made from water resistant. 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