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Singh's things all right i'm gonna early early wanna water all of you with once again the go all the way to the overnight as a bathroom i'll talk about the baseball as we get ready big series for the mets and the he's this weekend where are we are we now the tomorrow starts of our own get getting into baseball and the youth would everyday football we know what the deal is you know once a week basketball overtime maybe it back to back but there's always sucked going on baseball now dead we ready to come back workout from today have interview later today the no and i played anymore mcgregor in and they were enough of that the thing they've cars were different debakey recovery warehouse on a fan in new york now on i suspect the melting i i didn't think melo was going anywhere because i didn't they anybody with creative enough to wanna take him and then added fifteen percent kicker and in his salary which is where to two years for fifty four goes up to think thirty early for one year or something like that of whatever because i said could be a once melo right and then when they've talked to cavaliers and they wanted to give you know wanted kevin lover i know where there's nobody else theater to one then houston thing popped up and as it now what he's gonna go with d'antoni d'antoni just name coated a year has a really nice offense might have gone a little bit further if if james harden stops spitting a bit in the in the postseason what really matters but now you've got chris paul the takeover you stoger harden natto mom melo and i was reading what d'antoni so we get along we talk he's a good guy like okay i could see him in paul gangingup of things will go the right way and i don't know how if i'm melo i'm going to the.

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