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Vocals were horrified. When the folks showed up at a nearby pub Murray said on Knicks knee giggling, she also went up to some youngsters young boys who were playing pool and grounder hip suggestively against them. Couple were wearing matching hats drank vodka, Jack Daniels and Nick went onstage to sing to songs by Elvis, my boy and suspicious minds. Everyone at the pump knew who they were and what had happened to their kids. And it was so disturbing to people that the management asked McMurray to leave in some people are so concerned that they even call the police, it's Ed horri- behavior. Truce? Investigators were able to watch their behavior, and it was recorded on the pub C C TV cameras. So further investigation found traces of gasoline on the close of Marin and Mick Philpott as well as Paul Moseley. So the three were finally arrested, and they were charged with six counts of manslaughter for the children's deaths. So they did go to trial in that began in February two thousand thirteen some of mixed friends said that he had been driving them to a darts match a few days before the fire when he'd gotten a call any told them it was someone threatening to burn down his house with the children inside. So he was setting things up. A short time before the custody hearing Philpott at gone to see the headmistress of the local school, and he told her that is children with Lisa would be back in his custody soon and might be starting school as soon as that following Monday. And he told the same story to several mothers at the school. He even added that he had something up his sleeve, so not subtle. At the trout. Lisa gave evidence from behind a screen didn't even wanna look at him. Did she now she testified that Mick had been bided her with texts and phone calls after the separation, and he'd been very threatening one of the other reasons why she might have been behind the screen is. So she wouldn't be recognized so easily by the public true. Is this a huge story as you can imagine. You're actually might come out looking. Okay. She escaped him. Yes. She did. But still who wants to be asked about it at all, right, right? You want to remain anonymous if you can. And then of course, like you said there's the threats which I'm sure were a big part of that. Very definitely. Yeah. So then Paul Moseley took the stand. He said that Mick let the kids stay up done the night of the fire to watch. Britain's got talent. Dwayne the eldest stayed up later to play pool of them. And then after all the children going to bed Moseley it had sex with a raid on the pool table. He said that he lift. Okay. He said that he I guess that's out for sexual encounters. No pool tables. Yeah. Now. Okay now, especially when friends are over. Oh, where we'll send them home for. Okay. Yeah. This was her having sex with the with the neighbor guy on the pool table, not even with her husband. Right. Not that that would be any better. Really? So never mind. It's all gross and Moseley said that he had left a victory roadhouse shortly after the sexual encounter in the pool table than there was further testimony that Moseley had offered a relative thousands of pounds to help them leave town after the fire now mostly denied this. I don't know where he would have gotten thousands of pounds anyway, but it could be possible because he told people a lot of things here. Now Marais she seemed oddly confident when she took the stand she said that she had loved her children at would never do anything to hurt them. But she was unable to explain why traces of gasoline had been found on her clothing that she was wearing that night. Mick Philpott said. That he rarely washed only splashed his face with water when he got up in the morning. So he claimed that gas on his clothing and sneakers could have been there for several weeks or even months, so while took the jury listen, eight hours to reach a verdict or three were found guilty of manslaughter. The judge accepted that there had been no intention to kill the children. The couple of believed that Nick faux pas could enter an upstairs window and save them. Then he'd be celebrated as a hero and Lisa Willis would be framed for the crime of arson, but he'd been unable to knock large of whole new window in order to climb through the fire spread pretty quickly and in created toxic gases, including cyanide and the children died in their beds of inhalation right now. Okay. I already mentioned that. I think you should have realized that fires are unpredictable and there there could be death. Of course, any adult should know this. Know how he's figuring that his ex girlfriend. Lisa would be framed. Right because she'd have an alibi here. He point the finger at her which he tried to do. But there's no guarantee that she's going to be convicted of Aisin now. I mean, it's just a waste of human life. These kids died for no reason. It's just so it yada. Now he wanted to frame Lisa and gain custody of the children, but he'd killed six. The jury only heard of the previous convictions after the end of the trial. So that wasn't used against him. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of fifteen years before he becomes eligible for parole. Any showed no emotion at the trial. The judge told him he had been the driving force behind the fire and add it your guiding principle is what Mick Philpott wants Mick Philpott gets. And I think that's at the core. This whole thing this is just a selfish stupid egotistical, cruel horrible human being. I think that's a fair assessment. And like you said people could say he was great with the kids. But obviously he didn't care enough about them. If he did this who was great for the kids as long as it suited him. Right. As long as he could play with them in look good in. Yeah. I agree. Well, interestingly enough as he was led away his sister. Don, shouted Dymock die. So even their families are just done with these people here, and he actually responded to her by making an obscene. Gesture I'm assuming he gave her the finger, but I don't know it was blocked out in the video footage. I saw so most of the relatives have publicly disowned him and they've grieved for their nephews and their niece while having to live with cruel comments from people just because they share the Philpot name marine Philpott and Pomo xlii were both sentenced to seventeen years in prison in November two thousand thirteen an appeal by Maria Philpott against the length of her sentence. Now. Not the actual verdict was heard the grounds of the appeal were mainly that Marin was under the control of her husband and could not exercise a free choice in her conduct. But this appeal was dismissed so Georgia Osborne who served as chancellor of the exchequer under prime Minister, David Cameron from two thousand ten to two thousand sixteen said, it was time for government and society to question, whether it was appropriate for lifestyles such as the Philpott to be funded by the taxpayer. So the shocking details of his benefit funded lifestyle which came out during the court case led to allegations of Philpot sought to manipulate the welfare system by forcing women to have large numbers of children to receive state benefits. He received the equivalent of one hundred thousand pound salary when his benefits payments were added to the wages. He forced his wife and mistress to hand over to him. But I don't think this is fair because most people on welfare are nothing like the Phil pets. And a lot of people felt that way. Like, this is not something that you should use to make your case about the benefits culture, Ed balls. The shadow counselor said the chancellor's decision to link Philpott s- crimes to the welfare state was nasty and divisive. And I agree. I mean, the welfare state really has little to do with this goes just if you could screen everyone who's up for benefits from the state, maybe you could pick out the bad apples, but to link everything to the welfare state is incorrect now, I mean, this is a horror of human being. And it's a totally separate issue from people who are workshy as they say. I mean, that's the least of his issues Mr. ball said that they should have a proper debate about welfare reform, but to link these benefits was really just not proper, and I agree. Stephen Timms, shadow work. In pension minister said it's wrong to link Philpott s- acts with the debate about welfare and George Osborne should not be doing so even implicitly. So yeah. As as you said the comparison of violent manipulative man with others are dependent on government benefits is unfair before the fire in the children's deaths debate sun-filled putz lifestyle, I think we're valid discussions when you have working people practicing family planning so they can afford to support their families. It does seem unfair for someone like Mick Philpott and his wife to continue having children they can't afford to care for. But then when you get to the manslaughter and killing the children, just a whole different issue. Exactly. So anything else to say on this case? And it's so sad horrible case. And I don't know. The punishment really fits the crime doesn't. Now. What do you think should have happened? I think Philpott should have gotten life without parole 'cause he's eligible for parole. Even though he's been sentenced to life in prison his eligible after wet fifteen years. Yes. So I'm giving him life without parole. Okay. Court. I'm giving Meridian Moseley probably forty to fifty years. Yeah. But that's only my idea. Okay. Dick's court. Yeah. While I wasn't even sure I want to do this case because it wasn't a planned out murder, but just the level of neglect in the disrespect in the irresponsible actions are just just as bad as murder. Really? It's terrible thing. Certainly is. Yeah. Okay. We'll thanks for having the discussion. Okay. Today's show has been sponsored by DT real protection when it comes to something as important as you family safety, you deserve real protection from ADT. Real protection means the nation's number one smart home security provider is there for you. When you need them. Real protection means eighteen thousand employs safeguarding. You no matter how you define safety. ADT? Is there ADT real protection? Visit ADT dot com slash podcast to learn more about how ADT can design and install a secure smart home. Just for you the music for true crime. 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