Alex Bregman, Alexandria Cossio Cortes, Anderson Cooper discussed on Houston's Morning News


On the tens speaking sports. Alex bregman had elbow surgery. Not quite sure why he wanted to share all that with everybody. But he did. So if you want to check it out for yourself, we have Alex bregman, elbow surgery, KTAR, H dot com. Houston's morning news. Also have another story about our friends in Canada, Canadian air traffic controllers sending pizza across the border. Why assume ordering from across the border pizza in the US for some of our air. Traffic controllers are doing extra duty and doing it without pay at least temporarily without pay. Also, we have another story that I want to share with you. The good news and the bad news. I think this woman is rapidly becoming a poster child for the ignorance that exists when it comes to politics. The majority of American millennials identify themselves. Now is socialist. That's the bad news. The good news is sixty eight percent of them have no idea. What socialism is they can't define it. Sixty eight percents. And what are those? I would consider to be Alexandria Cossio Cortes who was making a comparison miracle. She was on with Anderson Cooper talking about socialism, and he Astor when you know, whether or not you didn't fly with the Soviet Union and Cuban Venezuelan Cambodia in Poland and North Korea and China as far as socialist goes. And she said, no, of course, not the brand. I like is what they have in the United Kingdom and Norway Finland and Sweden. Well, the Brits and the Nordics public policies may include things like government providing health care, but they do not resemble socialism in most any other form, and she doesn't seem to recognize that seven forty now..

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