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In stay safe and these roads this morning stacy from more checking in turns out my broken foot is still broken oh uh isis not your friend hogged and shut in checking in natalie from asheville if the checkins go away can we still get updates on chicken robs chickens boehner from chicken albano i haven't in awhile debating whether or not i want to work today are not i drive for lift oh i yet to they might be a good data neck today hateful still need rides old you don't wanna drive is true that's when you'd want like you know snow tyres and big began arriving live satellite this one knock text it was a dust in the hatter plowing the school districts salt lake city school district i'm not happy with the snow but i'm cool as a cucumber well let's see to pick a look at it yeah it's going to be one of those warnings were there's probably too much to tell you about everything crash south on i fifteen near the us evening split in farmington the hov lane and shoulder blocked there got snowpacked in icy roads i'm looking at the u dot cameras it is read all between north salt lake in sandy jones side streets in on the free wage you get the i mean there was a really cleared up that thing i avian it was h it was it was 80 west it was off to the side off to the to the left hand side westbound i 80 state street threecar car spun out and crashed and blocked both sides of the free way that was about an hour ago and i think they're they're working on that just give yourself lots of extratime this morning and if you do slide offer getting in an accident don't get out of your car because there are a lot of people that got her yesterday from another car sliding into them after they got out of their cars that one that one on eighty was it was some munched up cars you could tell it was just people people see it i drove riot you could tell it was people just driving to damn fat yeah no that's all it look all right well nastya awful yes ob you know what isn't awful is texting the word money 262.

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