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Business PCs With Windows 10 Pro rise to the challenge with modern devices call, 877 asked Dell for Dell Technologies advisor. That's 877 asked Dell. Chicago alderman Advanced mayor Life. Let's plan to ease zoning rules for marijuana dispensaries to allow more to open and more of the downtown area. The mayor says it would make it easier for minority applicants to get into the business now dominated by white owned companies. Dispensaries would not be allowed a Michigan Avenue Navy pier in the south Loop. The proposal goes to the full City Council next week, the Biden administration again, saying it is not stopping evacuating planes from leaving Afghanistan, but it is preventing some of them from landing at U. S bases. US. Says there is a problem with some Americans still in Afghanistan. They may be on planes with Afghans who are not allowed on U. S bases when they land how to keep people on our military bases safe. While also getting these US citizens. Dual citizens, people who are prepared to leave Afghanistan able to leave spokesperson Jen Psaki, saying the U. S. Will only allow properly vetted people to land. US bases. Andy Field, ABC NEWS, Washington, Illinois saying Italia's daily Covid death toll in almost seven months the state reporting 62 additional death today, the most in one day since February. 19 over the last week, the virus has claimed an average of 31 lives every day. The state reporting 3000 961 new cases today and over 2300 or hospitalized with Covid 19. The same positivity rate is 5.1%, The city of Chicago today announcing all U. S States and territories now on its travel advisory WLS news time is 5 35. Taking a look at traffic right now. On Lake Shore Drive. Traffic is stopped north beyond between 18th Drive and Jackson. Dr. Delays running about nine minutes on the Eisenhower traffic is stopped and go outbound between Ashland Avenue at First Avenue. Almost a half an hour delay there on the Stevenson. We have an accident. Outbound after Route 83 traffic a slow from the Grange Road and on the Kennedy, you're moving slow outbound between Montrose and Harlem Avenue. Next traffic update. In 15 minutes, North Dakota was made for road trips a place where you can hit the trail and follow your curiosity, where any trip holds the promise of becoming legendary win one of 10, legendary North Dakota road trips at legendary road trip dot com. On Wall Street. Today, the Dow closed down.

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