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Station. I'm nine first warning. Meteorologist Jennifer Catch Mark NewsRadio 700 wlw right now where it's 70 degrees West Claremont Middle School clothes tomorrow and Monday, Number of staff members now in quarantine from Covid, or out sick district, announcing students will be going remote. City of Columbus is putting into effect a mask mandate. Mayor says the order will go into effect later this week will require anyone regardless of vaccination status to wear a face mask, an indoor locations all across the city. Cincinnati follows suit. Mayor John Cranley is going to be Bill Cunningham's guests coming right up. 12. Oh, six. There's a mask mandate on you Seize campus, but it is not being enforced. At least not last night inside 5th 3rd Arena. Most of the 8000 fans gathered for a wrestling event did not have faced covering. Students are asking today on social media Why they have to wear a mask in a class of 10 people when the university allows thousands to gather in another campus building without them we've reached out to you see for comment. No response yet. Shares are out, reserving spots along Harrison Avenue for the return of the harvest Home parade Tonight. Westside Tradition kicks off. The fair has been taking place from over 150 years but was cancelled last year because of Covid parade steps off at six at the intersection of Harrison. And Francis Reds are now again behind the Padres in the race for the final wild card spot after last night's loss in Chicago. They have today off before opening a series tomorrow night in ST Louis, by the tunnel closed tonight for maintenance work. Um, traffic coming out of downtown on 71 will be blocked from 10 o'clock tonight to five tomorrow morning. Also, we're expecting work overnight tonight at I 71 Paving project Continuing the exit ramp from North 71 2 camera will close between 10 P.m. and five a.m. a next girl. You don't know me. I'm just signs leading into Taylor Mill now, say hometown of country music star Carly Pearce. You left northern Kentucky at the age of 16 to perform at Dollywood is 31 now and it was just nominated for female vocalist of the Year. A new album is also up for album of the Year, she says. She's blown away to be recognized like this. Only woman nominated in the album of the year category this year. Last week, Pierce was honored by her hometown before she took the stage at the Promo West Pavilion. Innovation in Newport was also a week ago, she was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. Our next updates at 12 30, Brian Copes NewsRadio 700 WLW. This report is sponsored by the Ben Ferguson podcast. Joe Biden lied and said that all Americans would be out of Afghanistan before we left. Now, hundreds have been left behind. So what are we going to do to get him out? Coming up on the Ben Ferguson podcast this week? We'll give you all the details of how you can help. So download the Ben Ferguson podcast right now. Very Larkin here. And if you're looking for Hall of Fame treatment before and after you buy a car Colombia Chevrolet.

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