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Global news update. Tragedy in Kentucky after a shooting leaves three dead, a third police officer has died after a shootout in eastern Kentucky. Floyd county sheriff John hunt says deputies were attempting to serve a warrant in the town of Allen when the shooting happened on Thursday night. On Friday morning authorities announced that two officers had died in the shooting and a third was in critical condition. The Louisville courier journal said the third officer died from his injuries on Friday night. Four other officers were also injured the gunman has been taken into custody. In New York City, police confirmed a suspect as in custody and connection to the upper east side murder of a 20 year old mother earlier this week. Aaron real has more. According to police 22 year old Isaac R grove has been arrested and charged with the murder of Asia Johnson as well as criminal possession of a weapon. The shooting happened on Lexington avenue and east 95th street at around 8 30 p.m. Wednesday. Police say Johnson was pushing the stroller with her baby inside when a man wearing all black walked up from behind and shot her in the head at point blank range close enough to leave burn marks on her face. Police say the baby was also rushed to the hospital, but was unharmed. The trial of Brittany griner will resume next Thursday in a Russian courtroom, the WNBA star was accused of having under a gram of cannabis oil in her luggage when she arrived at a Moscow airport back in February. Griner placed for a Russian league during the WNBA's off season. And the U.S. Army says unvaccinated army National Guard and reserve members will not be allowed to participate in drills, a statement from the army says service members who are not vaccinated for COVID-19 must have an approved or pending exemption in order to take part in federally funded training. Thursday was the deadline for army service members to be vaccinated. And that's the very latest. I'm Jim Forbes. A number of healthcare practices around the U.S. report a surge in men scheduling vasectomies since the Supreme Court overturned roe V wade one week ago. The Cleveland clinic said it previously had three or four requests for vasectomies each day, but has scheduled about 90 procedures since the ruling that ended a right to abortion in all 50 states. A number of urology practices in Houston are saying a 25 to 30% rise in calls from men's scheduling vasectomy since last Friday. Many of those patients say they want to have the procedure because of the court's ruling. Uber is releasing their company's latest safety report and the number of sexual assaults has declined, but is still high. Julie Ryan has the very latest. According to Uber, they received just over 3800 reports of sexual assault and misconduct from 2019 through 2020. That's a 38% decrease from their prior report from 2017 through 2018. The decline coincides with the pandemic, which resulted in a drop in ridership. Uber said, even one report is one report too many, the ride sharing service ads they're dedicated to safety and have removed over 80,000 drivers to date for failing criminal and vehicle checks. I'm Julie Ryan. WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange is appealing a court's decision to extradite him from the UK to the U.S.. The appeal is the latest part of the story that began when Assange's website published classified U.S. documents, he faces 17 charges of espionage and one charge of computer misuse, and Simone Biles in the late Steve Jobs will be among the latest recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, biles is a decorated Olympic champion and jobs cofounded Apple. They'll be honored in a White House ceremony next Thursday, the late senator John McCain will also receive the distinguished award, and that's the very latest. I'm Jim Forbes. Now this Bloomberg sports update with Chris Bassett landing on the COVID related injury list, David Peterson stepped in to make the start for the mets, but he and his wife expecting a child any day now, Peterson turned in a gutsy performance, despite allowing a pair of solo homers to the rangers Marcus semien and Nathaniel Lowe, Peterson still turned in a quality start, going 6 innings allowing just three runs on 5 hits in the Met's four three win over Texas at city field. Peterson signed a career high with ten strikeouts on the night, and is now 5 and one, Edwin Diaz earns his 17th save of the year. Mark Cana broke out of an over 14 slump in the bottom of the fourth, pulling a single down the left field line to score Francisco Lindor to tie the game at one, and then later in the inning Eduardo Escobar drilled a three run Homer into the second deck and right field to give them a four to one lead. The mets got good news before the game they learned that Max Scherzer will be coming off the injured list and will make the start on Tuesday night against Cincinnati. Speaking of the reds, they lose to the braves 9 to one, so the mets remain three and a half games ahead of Atlanta in the national league east. Coming toward the end of a 20 game stretch without an off day, the Yankees received a break from mother nature as their game with the guardians and Cleveland postponed by rain. The game will be made up as part of a split double header later today, game one scheduled to start at 1210. The second game at 6 ten, the Yankees will send Garrett Cole to the mound for game one and Nestor Cortes will get the start four game two. Day 5 at Wimbledon, defending champion Novak Djokovic, advanced to the foreground, a straight set victory over my Americans Jack sock Tommy Paul, and Francis TFO all events. On the women's side, third seed ans de bear advances to the fourth round, and also 5th seed Maria sakari was eliminated by Tatiana Maria of Germany, with a Bloomberg sports update, I'm Tom Rogers. This is masters in business with Barry riddles on Bloomberg radio. I'm Barry results, you're listening to masters in business on Bloomberg radio, my

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