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With a fit here in san francisco and san for curry yet i don't know if he's better the rick berry very one of the greatest ball players of all time beduso dalli's more beloved eighty of you love curry why because he seems like he's you six four 890 that lebron james redesigned who dead dudes zeus i can possibly do it that guy does but i could they could shoot a little bit i can handle the ball a little bit this guys like in in and you know just the the whole story him and his family and how it take you he is nl personable he is and you just me loves staff pylon people status awesome your montana at night like i would say those of you i top four be loved athletes at the best than maybe the most beloved athletes probably joe staff uh what are is when scam and then i would say you know iit's you don't think of him but others thrown another team joe third enjoy thorns a guy that you'd he has won a that stanley cup but i think people does love joe and he that law i would say steve's there but never people in likes bb the when he took over for joe and they traded jody get to steve led that that would hurt steve as they key had to make that transition and people still wanted show they still wanted him but stevo people love steve runner they'd other uh he'd be in the top ten right there but i think for just football you gotta go joe for because he was here when they started winning.

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