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Just ahead of headlines, traffic and weather together. And then after that, we'll check in with L Bill. Roedy added northstar mall to kick off the elf Louise radiothon. But right now. Alexa, Sylvia in George. Mustangs trial is a milestone, it was November in the Iraqi people's efforts to replace the rule of a tyrant. Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein is sentenced to death. Shane was convicted and sentenced to death on television. Your hand in Montana Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana is in her first season on the Disney channel. At the movies. Borat is the box office champ government sent me to make a movie film and on the radio. Snow patrol becomes the first UK ban to hit the top five in the US in thirteen years with chasing cars what year was it two thousand five two thousand six or two thousand seven. Hannah Montana Marley. Sarah's were the same person. This just in while, Sylvia. Three choices two thousand five two thousand six or two thousand seven. And two thousand five or two thousand seven. Thousand seven. George leaves you thousand five. Saddam Hussein sentenced to death. Anna Montana is brand new Rach camp at the box office and snow patrol in the top five the year two thousand six congratulations, Sylvia. You got that pair of tickets to see the San Antonio symphony holiday pops at the Tobin center for performing arts December fifteenth.

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