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For minority coroner it's jungle two jungle we did a deep dive on black panther and jungle fever i know you like the movie is probably based on me in my mythical nece i can definitely tell that they gave amish to you know my i tau i took angela bassett's body and i was me who was the queen mother the entire time i said i must play this role it's so true i can't believe they did you like that at the ten dollar a month level i want to spend more money you could get into them we'll pin that i'm sure that you can put on one of your many pulse or things that you wear dresses that i wear i can even put one of the pins on what my tigers you know tile man and who's well it will put them over i will rate us queen khalifa yes yes and i just wanted to point out that the pins ardizzone by megan lynn co who has an excellent designer one of our favorites and you get a maximum membership card to becoming can i can i be the queen of them yes can be queen member lu i will say song queen of the night yes was inspired by you just exactly oh wow you know i'm just i feel so right now this is amazing so for the twenty dollar per month membership the maximum fund family cookbook i don't know how much cooking you do it to one of your people.

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