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These the twin cities news talk station. AM minneapolis. Pat. I know you had a little sticker shock on that seventeen shots on goal by the badgers, the first twenty eight attempts five blocks six misses all the shots from the outside. That's good. That's good. One-two-three quality shots attempts. Minnesota's Thailand anti pushes it up ice. Wobble. Off of the sticker. Junior gates picked up now by Malone. He gets the badger started across the line that swept off a sticky reaches back and get to the game. Now shoot sharp angle, but it's a shoulder. Save for Robson. The hands with gopher player who would have had concession no penalty. Call milona will pass down. Low receives. But it glances off the heel of his deck, then any picks up the pot. And gets Minnesota outta their zone balls at the centre. Here's. Breakaway. Walker pokes at it ended up flex off the goalie defenseman and why do they badger neck? Should remove shot. I think so I would agree. He may may have Zane goes to off but tried to threat a pass through two guys, which is tough and look at the magician keeping puck on stick like a magnet. Then got it to the shop by Rosetti is blocked by then the Lebedev which magician you talking about that one out on the ice is three nothing. Gophers and this is golden gopher hockey from learfield. It's.

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