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It's a it's it's a it's a good question. I'm not saying that it's not. But, but I do know that John, Sharp and bond and have been friends for a long time. And so I went on and and he had a conversation about him a potentially being I'll try to be that big of the house. I'm sure that that was a very positive conversation. I think that folks from all around the state need to be on guard about what the. Priorities are going to be of the Texas legislature, considering this fact, Senate governor, the speaker if it is done spun and the governor all three of the governor speaker and Lieutenant governor would all be from the Houston area. They would all be basically from Houston, and that's not a partisan thing. It's not an ideological thing. It's just a question of what does that mean? For folks in Lubbock. What does that mean for folks in DFW, San Antonio, east, Texas, west, Texas, etc? It's it is a consideration. You know in the past. It's been the case that the Lieutenant governor, and the speaker, and the and the governor would all be from different regions of the state and not necessarily by design. But it it is a factor in the way that things are prioritized around here. You know, I'm told right now that. Drew Darby has withdrawn has sent word oaks of encouragement to din, the spun and from good to get clarity on that very reliable source. But here I think that what's important is that folks are learning for the first time that the speaker of the house, the Lieutenant governor the governor the big three could from the same region. Yeah. Yeah. Well, and look, you know, me I mean, Houston guy. But I think it's it's worth pointing that fact out, you know, in the past, you know, just in the last session. It was the case that the speaker and the governor Lieutenant governor would not all from the same city. You know, Joe Straus from San Antonio instead. So in in different parts of the state have had their chance at having the speaker's office be occupied by somebody from those parts of the state. And so may now may not all be big Houston game here. We'll see. Well, what might be my favorite contribution by you? Scott brenick editor of the corner report. It Scott Braddock on Twitter. This is this has been your right on top of it. We appreciate you chum. Then let us know what's going on at this very hour down there in in the capital. What keep it covered for you? Jay. Thank you know. Right. We'll talk to you next week, Scott Braddock foam along. Great follow keeps us informed in the go-to quickey break..

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