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To the riverside county coroner's office for the actual cause of death however investigators with him at police department did no injuries that were consistent with murder by means other fire Niko says goes monomyth clouded been renting a room in the home and after the murders on Wednesday night the couple stole one of the women's cars and drove to Las Vegas they were arrested there yesterday and remain in custody on two million dollars bail each Niko says they'll be brought back to riverside county where they'll both face three counts of murder live in riverside county I'm Steve Gregory KFI news now with more news back to the K. F. I. studios and Deborah mark the LA county district attorney has declined to file charges against three sheriff's deputies and a sergeant accused of assaulting for fellow deputies in documents outlining the decision the DA's office says there is insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the fight was a crime the documents say there is a fact pattern that appears to show that a group meeting happened but it was difficult to determine whether anyone involved was acting in self defense or defense of another the DA's office also points out there was a lack of security four digit Kennedy hall and that alcohol and contradictory statements clouded the investigation the fight happened in September of twenty eighteen between deputies at the east LA station a legal claim filed last year said the fight was related to hazing by a deputy gang called the Bandidos Chris and Carla okay fine news major bank has agreed to make a massive withdrawal to settle a scandal Wells Fargo bank has agreed to pay a hefty fine to resolve criminal and civil cases against that resolution requires Wells Fargo to pay a three billion dollar penalty U. S. attorney Nick cannon says paying up isn't enough as long as the bank abides by series of conditions over the next three years the government has agreed not to file criminal charges against the bank and its parent company Wells Fargo has been under investigation for opening millions of accounts without customer authorization for nearly twenty years at the federal building in downtown LA rob Newton KFI news there has spent a morning wandering around the neighborhood in Monrovia at apparently been in the area since yesterday people were watch today as the bear walked along the streets and into yards this teenager tells KTLA officers with the department of fish and wildlife tried several times to tranquilize the bear and it finally went to sleep in his backyard they were able to get it out quickly loaded into the truck and get it worked out take it wherever they needed to take it when will the is in the foothills and it is not unusual to see a bear it wander out of the forest jurors in the rape and sex assault trial of Harvey Weinstein have told the jury they have reached a verdict on most of the five counts against the fallen movie producer Erin to Turkey says jurors asked the judge today whether they could be unanimous on three counts but hung on to it appears the jury is unanimous on the primary offenses of rape and forcible sex assault that Harvey Weinstein is alleged to have committed but somehow split on the enhanced charges that would label wind Steen a predator and make him eligible for a life sentence the judge instructed jurors to keep deliberating president trump has gone to a rally in Las Vegas the day before the Nevada caucuses but I'm delighted to be back.

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