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Sonny Sonny they're they're Geraldine. Why don't we go sit down or get you some tea? No I need to see him. I need to know know what Geraldine Sunny. Happen to you sunny. Can you tell me what happened to you? Do Oh dear. Come on now. Geraldine Geraldine had voiced. A thought several had begun to express. Sonny's death was undeniably strange. It came out of nowhere. Suicide seemed unlikely as he was making plans for his future and noted by all around him to be in good spirits. The overdose theory seem suspicious as well as the only drugs that had been found in the house after his death might well have been planted. There seemed to be a very real possibility that Sonny's death occurred via unnatural circumstances bought on January nineteenth nineteen seventy-one. The corner published his report. It is my conclusion from my findings. That Sonny Liston died of natural causes. A poor supply of oxygen to the heart led to congestive heart failure. Something perfectly reasonable for a man of his age. I also found traces of morphine and coding in his system. But not enough to have killed a man of his size thus they have no importance in determining the cause of his death. Police quickly wrapped up their investigation concluding that there was no foul play involved in. Sonny's death they issued a statement saying much and that because he was a known heroin addict his death was likely the unfortunate result of an overdose. But many of Sonny's friends had a problem with this. They claimed vehemently that Sonny was afraid of. Needles and this claim was substantiated. Not only by one or two people. But by a whole slew of the late boxers acquaintances. It was confirmed by his dentist. Who had trouble doing dental work on sunny because the boxer was too squeamish for administering anesthesia? It was confirmed by Sonny's friend. Dave Pearl the same Davey Pearl. He'd had breakfast with shortly before his death who knew him intimately. It was also confirmed by father. Edward Patrick Murphy. Who had known sunny for a good portion of his life and had performed his funeral service. But it was most tangibly confirmed by Sonny's former trainer Willie Reddish who said that Sonny had actually cancelled a planned tour of Africa to avoid getting the necessary. Vaccinations if Sonny was afraid of needles heroin would have been tough drug of choice for him. There are other ways of taking heroin. But in order for a dose to become lethal it would generally have to be taken intravenously. Sonny's friends were not convinced that sunny died of a heroin overdose and they certainly did not buy that. His death was from natural causes and they had good cause to think so. If sunny wasn't injecting heroin into his veins that rules out the possibility that his death was an overdose. Which meant that someone in Las Vegas new something? They weren't sharing something that suggested that Sonny liston death was really a murder..

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