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So we have something special for you today. This is going to be a special edition of the RAP report. We are going to give to you what we offered for the people who watched the snatched him from the flames home edition this session. One Justin Peters will be the one speaking. It is the topic of the sufficiency of Scriptures. You can still watch the full. Snatch them from the flames home addition just go to striving for eternity, DOT ORG Go to the online events and you can watch it there. You will not want to miss this session with Justin Peters, right now, welcome to the rap report. Come to the RAP report with your host and rappaport, where we provide biblical interpretation and application this ministry, striving for eternity and the Christian podcast community for more contents or to request the speaker for your church. Go to striving for. God more! Right well welcome to snatch from the flames home edition. We're glad that you're watching. This is Justin Peters on that side of fees, and that's at on your screen. Maybe he's on this side on your screen and I'm Andrew Rappaport. We're glad to to be with you. actually I could just an I. put our names up, look. There's her name see. We're glad to be able to do this. You know last year about a year ago. Justin you and I a year ago, actually last week. You and I were in the Philippines doing this seminar, yes. Yes. We were great trip now. Just precious precious people in the Philippines. We we both I think. I can speak for both of us and say we really really enjoyed it yet. The the balloon was very good. I know you really enjoyed that? I was watching Cash cab the night in Balut was one of their questions. Pictures I know what that is. For folks who don't know what Balut is good for you. I didn't mind. It tasted good, but Justin wasn't a willing to taste the put. We have over sixteen hundred people registered for this seminar and. Just to give you a few here Stan he's in New Jersey. We got Dorothy here. She's from Texas but We have some folks from the Philippines we got a trevor. Here is from South Africa says just found out about the conference now in extreme looking forward to it. Thanks so much. Justin Leeann is from southern Indiana very close to. To, Louisville Kentucky which is where the Ark Encounter is and the creation museum, we have less from northern Indiana, but we also have Irish from south Germany now Natan. WHO's from Rhode? Island has a message for you. Justin I think this is good, he says thank you for your guidance. Justin I'm fifteen, and you helped me out of new age ways of thinking. God is going to grade things. I love you, brother. Oh, well I love you, too. Nadia God bless you praise the Lord for that. Nellie Natalie says thanks Amazing Ministry Justin I also fifteen..

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