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Hey Queiroz Cami me here first of all I want to tell you that Philadelphia already sold out in my book tour and we had a second date also. DC sold out and we can't add a second date. So if you live in Los Angeles New York Boston Chicago San Francisco Portland or Seattle. Get get your tickets. Now at Cameron US busy dot com slash tour. I think all the dates will sell out. Also let's say you don't live in one of those cities but you would like to preorder my book because it massively massively will help me to get on the New York Times Bestseller List will then you could go to save yourself book Dot Com and pre-order it right now. I swear I'm very proud of it and it's it's really fucking good. Hey this week on the podcast we have got Vicky. Vox Awesome Drag Queen and the host of New Year will show. I'm doing great with Vicki. Vox and you know what. Here's something else about little cameras. Zito number one. We a lot of fun in this interview number. Two around and forty five minutes in we also had a very serious discussion is bringing to you as an interviewer joking around and laughing and hand asking you about your childhood enjoy be land still. Nope no careless. I always have guests introduce themselves. Will you introduce yourself go for like right. Now you're like right now I vicky. Vox and I've done a lot of stuff and a lot of things but I'm here on today's podcast. Because I wanted to be how about that. Yeah that's in the INTRO We have hey you know what it's what I'll go and say. We have different styles on the Mike Doc Different. Because I'm big and I'm just used to being a little aggressive. Yep We that is how you that is. That's like that's how you are operating in the world your energy that bringing decided that since people look at me like I'm a wrecking ball. I might as well be on purpose. Wow Shit yeah fair enough I'M GONNA take that back in on. It isn't what happened. I don't even know 'cause we hugged a second ago. How tall are you about five and a bunch I think is five eleven? I don't really know I do. Have My doc martens on today though. Oh Shit is this. What is this what you have looked like your entire life? This is what I have looked like my entire life. I've always been some weird mixture out how you know what I was just thinking about this in the mirror today I was looking at myself and I said girl before there was not binary there was. You just looked at myself from what I've always been kind of like in the middle of staff. Sure yes go ahead. No No. Let's fire. I was as a kid. They called me miss before anything where where are you from. Where are you from Jersey? I'm still sovereign. Oh I mean the congrats to Jersey out. There's another read there which is good for them. Yeah they're lucky them very welker. Yes you grew up in Jersey and yes South Jersey I. Yeah I know what you're talking about. I've been I've been into this but it's also kind of busy though. So Yeah Weird yeah wait talk to me about the rough part well those were there like the formative formative years of school middle school high school. If you didn't fit in they would force you fit in share. What was going on with you physically like did you have along ease long hair have on here now? I didn't then. My mom always forced to get the nice little boy cut. Why can't you just get a boy cut? Well because I went long flowing locks nice long flowing I just want some long flowing locks. Yeah absolutely and I remember when you're in middle school. I dyed my own hair. It was off for. What are we talking about here? Because like dark-haired did you do. You tried to bleach it and you go. I tried to bleach it but I thought I was going to get myself. Highlight just one just a single highlight towards the front and it turned somebody's orange. I went swimming and it turned to somebody's green so I was real cute and there was actually a soccer player and I shaved my head to look like the soccer. The player of the World Cup team will was his neck. Tony Tony Meola. But it was like shaved around the side. He had a ponytail on top. I try to racket Garri. I really did you had shaved around the orange. I was to go far these pictures. I feel like I know. Oh that Hairdo from like a certain era. Yeah it was. It was a moment. There's a lot of in the nineties. There was a lot of people bleaching their own. Here For me I I kind of had a similar thing where like I never have dyed my hair until recently but when I was in high school I did try. Try to do the thing of like. I don't know his printing like a lot of like Sunan slash large all the Senate Yahoo in that combination but then going into the going in the sun and then forgetting that I was also on the swim team transitioning right into that and my hair sort of turned almost like gray. The way that people learn now having like a silvery do on purpose and that was it was it was an accident was in. I was a senior in high school. I'd gray hair. Nobody else did it. Didn't it did not look good. Feel good you know what great question. No I think that like so when I started high school I was trying very hard to like. I went to Catholic school. I had NISSAR. I'm totally listening. But you have great teeth and it's mesmerizing. Thank you oh fuck yeah. Yeah when I started high school had like knee socks platform whole thing. Steve Madden's on this stuff skirt art then. By the time I was a senior had gray hair unlike choker an only wore pants there was a there was a big transformation. I see what happened what what happened was that and I've talked about this before. But what happened was that I got a long term boyfriend and I think that once I had a a boyfriend that I felt a little bit like I could kind of fuck around with what was going on with me. I have that part on lock. Let me go play over here it also if anybody was like wait what is this mean means nothing this. Yeah this is this is unrelated to anything right. Yeah okay so you had little boys haircut. I tried everything girl I really did tell because you just said senior year and I remember. It wasn't my senior prom. It was somebody senior prom. But I had now I had red highlights that I had done myself again from my box and I had it also done a bunch of fake Tan and we went to Prom and my.

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