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AM because you deserve the truth is there a coming ice age Robert Felix of course thinks the cold is coming and it seems that the science may be your green with them Robert Felix former architect became interested in the ice age cycle back in nineteen ninety one he then spent the next eight and half years full time researching and writing about the coming ice age in this book not by fire but by ice since then he's also written magnetic reversals an evolutionary leap as well one of our favorite guests in the areas Robert Felix hello my friend how are you good how are you George looking forward to this hope you have great holidays Robert then the kick in the new year the right way no I'm looking forward to it yes what's a good food the Serbs in Denver last weekend taping are beyond belief television shows and they were complaining about how warm the weather was in the fact that they had no snow which was on candy for them at that time a year will today they got blasted snow was hip to that's becoming more normal again in Saint Louis for him right now Robert it the hip close to eighty degrees today almost a record but it's going to get cold again you have always said that we're gonna coming stages of an ice age and now there are some scientists are beginning to say the same thing give us an update on that well there are even in the latest one I just I just put it on my my website today but there's a on doctor had the blue Abdu song talk where that is a that's a great name you could pronounce it anyway you want who's going to question right but anyway he's an astrophysicist and he says that a new little ice age has begun he's not that it's going to be again not at some future date but right now and no doctor had to sign a top I mean he's an astrophysicist but even then he's not an ordinary astrophysicists he's had in the space research laboratory at the Russian Academy of sciences and he's head of the Russian part of the international space station so you know this guy is no slouch he says that we are already in a new little I say so you know when I first came out with this I think the first time I was always on coast to coast was back in nineteen ninety seven are the al and I said that we would be a blessing we were an ice age within twenty years and at least the heart doctor Abdul solitons going along with it you might have been the basis for the book that he wrote with the Whitley the coming global superstorm I doubt it I don't think you I was the basis for it but but I don't know we don't ever know so new weeding in New Zealand got hit with a huge earthquake there last week they had tsunami warnings coming up and they they talked about feet flashes of light that were in the skies what what do you think of it well we did you know that just intrigued me I had to look up something that I had in my book because way back in the book I have one chapter it is actually called earthquake lights crazy snakes he was just a one chapter by I started out about his pep talk a little about about it but December sixteenth eleven one of the strongest earthquakes ever strike the heartland of the United States or through the frontier city of new bat Medford was very so I don't know if you have any people near there but they're all right cool spot I'm in St Louis we're at the tip of it alright then you probably heard about it then but trees to students with him as a tire forced crashed to the ground while huge cracks some so wide no horse could jump from non open the frozen soil thank you will sleep on their weary eyes it was two o'clock in the morning terrified townspeople leapt from the bed only to watch helplessly as their cabins and chins fell to the earth and the ground collapsed beneath their feet collapsing settling something whatever you call it madrick sank one and a half stories into the ground while entire islands disappeared beneath the surely brown waters of the Mississippi then the river river rushed backwards as three story call wave surged upstream overtopping river's banks and gushing into newly sunken areas to create Saint Francis in fort lakes in Tennessee happy holidays new madrick they look like the end of the world where battlefield or Armageddon said panic settlers as the air grew thick was sulphurous vapours in theory flashes of light burst from the ground eliminating the skies like distant lightning earthquake lights of that is that that's how that chapter starts out earthquake lights and crazy snakes and the Mississippi went the opposite way that record was so big yeah it actually ran up on appeal for a little bit for a little while and then it did create those two links with the the the visa yes to exist there you know the bells rang let their earthquake was so big that it rang church bells in Boston huge it's it's the point was that you know and when I saw that New Zealand was having earthquake lights are another hurdle people like you and almond cell now it had to have been you have to have been however a lecture transformers or something and wires rubbing together but there was some of it was out over the water there's more electric transformers out there to be to be doing that and these earthquake lights and I also right in there about not sure how to say it ten chain of probably punch on China but there was a great big earthquake back near the seventies that had that had huge night there was like two o'clock in the morning and these lights lit up the sky the covered something like more than a hundred thousand square miles it was just huge and just prior to that it was it was February somehow sneaks we're we're we're getting the message animals get the message but cynics were crawling under the ground.

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