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Make changes that fast number five learned breathe properly. So I've noticed this about myself. But I'm always tensed, I'm always country, my fists, I'm always, you know, not grinding my teeth, but my jaws generally clinched when I do my videos, I've got a scowl on my face. I'm so embarrassed by it because I just have my sympathetic nervous system that one that that causes contraction the fighter flight mode increases your adrenalin your body, or is increased by drowning your body. Well, when that is always on you were going to end up with and stress and drilling through the roof. And your breathing is going to be shallow and short, and that causes things get even worse. So when you're stressed when you're hunched over and you're taking those short shallow breasts. It causes you to become more anxious. So you need to relax you need to open up your hands, shake them, shake them by your side. Do this with me right now, I'm doing this. I'm doing this sitting upright in my hair my hands down by the side. I'm getting loose. Oh, yeah. Get loose. Get loose get loose. Great. Now. Police shoulder blades back police shoulders back and take a big deep breath in through your nose for four count. Philip. Your belly Philip your belly? It's a nice big breath. Right. Feels good and now slowly sale for six and once you do that once you do that, you can always say already start to feel loose, right? A little less tense. Do that six more times four in six out? Nice and loose through the belly. Big big Buddha belly when you breathe in an exile. Excel excel the way to the world's can be off your shoulders in a minute of doing that. Now, there's other ways of doing that breathing. Sometimes I'll do four seconds in do a seven second. Hold eight seconds out in one minute, two minutes. Three minutes you practically in a fall asleep. I also heard you take a meditation guided deep breathing what I use meditation for some people use it try and clear their minds, but for me with my background. I'd do it to clear mining society. Clear my stress slow things down and thoughts come into my head. I don't chase them away. I just I just go, and relax, and I do that breathing in calms. My sympathetic nervous system down helps Paris empathetic nervous system takeover, which calms me down lowers my stress levels. My blood pressure is about now one hundred fifteen over seventy most people think oh hundred eighty one hundred twenty eight good actually, it's not that's like the high end of normal. You wanna have it lower? Than that. And if yours is higher, please do something about it. Do this breathing? Make sure that your caffeine intake is not through the roof..

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