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Tampa, FBI, General Rod Rosenstein discussed on Morning Edition


Intersection someone their knees with hands held high as a helicopter moved overhead police surrounded the marchers detaining some scattering the rats protesters said they defied the curfew to demand change they're convinced police in New York and around the country are targeting black men unfairly many of the shops in this part of the city were boarded up to prevent looting Brian Mann NPR news New York a nine term congressman was defeated in yesterday's Republican primary in Iowa Katie picus with Iowa public radio reports I am a Republican congressman Steve king has lost the Republican nomination for his seat in the U. S. house to state senator Randy Feenstra feature took almost forty six percent of the vote to king's thirty six percent the race against four GOP challengers was the most competitive one king has faced in his political career he was stripped of his house committee assignments last year for a comment he made to the new York times king's comments included questioning why the term white nationalism is considered offensive this is NPR news from Washington former deputy Attorney General rod Rosenstein appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee this morning he'll be testifying about the FBI investigation into the twenty sixteen trump campaign and Russia this will be the first in a series of oversight hearings a county judge in Florida says a group of felons released from prisons in the state can vote in the state's next election without paying outstanding fines or court fees this follows a ruling from a federal judge who said those requirements are unconstitutional Stephanie Colombini with member station W. U. S. sap has more the ruling follows a federal judge's voiding of Florida's requirement that released prisoners pay all outstanding fines before being given the right to vote now the ex prisoners will likely get to vote in the next election even if the state appeals the federal decision forty four year old Eugene Williams left the court room wiping tears of joy from his eyes he was released from prison in two thousand eleven after serving eighteen years and has never voted of which we are I want my voice to be a part of the changes happen in this world Williams is African American and says earning the right to vote amid national protests against the death of George Floyd makes the moment even more significant for NPR news I'm Stephanie Colombini in Tampa later this morning payroll processor ADP is expected to report millions more job losses in the U. S. for the month of may I'm.

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