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Thing i know about them. Yeah i mean we don't know a lot but there's something so fascinating to to see gender just to see to feel like a a trans man doing a lot but it also kind of like now. It almost feels like oh. Yeah that seems like a you know. This has always been a thing. That's you know. That's just normal but like go back to those early scenes of drag race when it was just like such a dramatic moment. Anyone someone like came out as trans and now it just feels like i think. That's a hallmark of the acceptance that we should be arriving at fully there yet. Because so i think it is. I think being being true to yourself in that way so publicly. I think it is still scary. I think it's a very courageous. So i don't i think i mean i don't even know if this dramatic i think i think it is intense and that's the point i was gonna make the step back and you're like oh my god this is like first and this is really four and i take it for granted that this is still like you know. It's still such a big deal. Yeah for sure. Fans will also be challenged which is good because a lot of fans are still you know toxic. Yeah exactly yeah. Until i was just gonna abbott. I think part of what the show offers the countries that have their own local version talk about local sports teams is. It gives us a chance to talk about these things so we wouldn't talking about what it is like for a trans man to then do drag and or for a for like a fem. Trans man like we did. We wouldn't we wouldn't be trying to wrap our heads around that idea if we didn't have it on the show and but when we watched drag race holland what we found was it was like years behind our show and we feel like marsh show is like needs to catch out like they were having trouble even wrapping their heads around what transgender means or non binary means and there are two non binary queens in holland cast and it really gross to see the judges on They do have boilers. They had a like half-and-half. Look and the judges were like insisting that it had to be half man half woman in says of the non binary queens were saying. While i really don't like that and i'm so proud of them because they didn't start to that. Yeah they still put the battery. Even the judges had a bit of backward views coca more than them are the halls famous in chicago. Yeah these are home to queens. I mean they're like fifty halls. Well it's like a hara bennington excelsior so many iman blah blah. Yeah no comores. Been around for a minute. I'm interested to see how do on the show is she judas judaism's halls drag daughter or sister. I think sister. I don't know if they've i don't know what. The pecking order is. Yeah the house. Hierarchies i i can't. I don't have the bandwidth for more than you think of it as a genealogy if you know anyone that has the family tree please let us now because we need to all the other halls infographics somewhere. Should i have won a poster and put it. We could make a million bucks okay. Coming soon whispering. Research rag genealogy posters. How research ability to work. Yes please please them archival research. Thank you. I would love that. Actually worth a grant for that. Who can't eat them You're the first two for candy. Really her promo as like this. Because she's such like a loud she does dress. Also this promo dress is amazing to your hair. Yeah i mean look. She's the next fancy international superstar. That's going to win our hearts over with her attitude. I mean it's it's already clear as louis on with dahlia hand on. Hey queen episode. Johnny mcgovern youtube talkshow. Red r.i.p really tragic. There's some both her and jichi passing away. This year has been very sad. I think conic economy queens. It really i think. The directly many ways are pillars of the gay community absolutely so sad very but miss candy. Music is coming in with body. And and.

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