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Today's and the colts have already set up a few interviews first with dan campbell of saints in frank reich of the eagle's as searched for their new head coach roy i think being campbell kind of fits the mic variable mode um model that that ballard was looking for evidently very bowlin mcdaniel's were the two top of the board guys for him so dan campbell kind of fits the the mic free bottle type and i think frank reich fits via the judgment daniels titan of the differences frank reich has not been calling the please put guess what doug peterson then call the plays in kansas city before he got the eagle's job so you know and now he went the super bowl championship head coach in your two so i think that on some level is probably a little bit overstated whether or not you call plays or not just based on you know the success that peterson had this year i'm pretty confident frank reich as long as he's been around we would be able to call place stays now back to josh dan mcdaniel's for a moment looks like he's going to need a new agents and then some other news vikings interviewing eagles quarterback coach jonty filipo for their oh see job greg shannon's can stay at ohio state rather than take the patriots defensive coordinator role a little surprised by the xiang no move my guess is may be at the end bella checked in one them because if you're yano with what happened with university tennessee and people going back to his name being mentioned briefly in the penn state stuff you know that makes a college job especially after the michigan state stuff now a very very risky proposition very risky proposition whereas um well not not risky proposition but i guess it seems like it's especially now that tennessee hired eminent backed out that ditches seemed like cal job ahead jobs you meet tougher shadow to get i thought he might be better off to go to the nfl and maybe try to get another nfl head coaching job so that's the shia know as for d for lippo i think that guy's a start.

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