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Much David freeze the pitch to David freeze fleeing driver too right Vendor that'll do it goes to the. Gap I know raise the jolly Roger in Pittsburgh tonight Harrison sleeping on home plate Dan races out to join the mob, scene out by second base, David freeze wasted little time All five runs, vanities for the pirates tonight Freeze five minutes four Josh Lewin the call w. o. r. freeze went deep off Jason Vargas is he, allowed three runs over four and, a third the Spurs start since June nineteenth they started getting a little tired there, at the end is the village started dropping but he he did a good job of keeping us where we needed to be in and gave us a chance. To bring in one of. Our better relievers Mickey Callaway s and why Michael. Conforto three run shot Brandon Nimmo three hits meanwhile before the game has drubel. Cabrera sent to the Phillies for w righty Franklin. Kilemi six foot six twenty three year old who's a, tenth, grader, prospect and Phillies organization fallen six four two four ERA better of. Late two and one with a two one six twenty. One. Strikeouts in twenty five innings, in, July Mets also signed, veteran outfielder Austin Jackson is they released Matt then. Decker brewer series. About making a playoff push they have acquired Mike mistake is from. The royals in exchange for couple of minor leaguers scoreboard is only one game. Still going the bottom of the tenth inning. Now Mariners and angels remain tied at three everything else has done is the nationals draw them Marlins nine one max Scherzer, eleven, ks, over eight read six Phillies four brewers would say the giants three. One dodgers raise the brings four one cardinals over the. Cubs. Five two Don back turned, aside, the Padre six to, American League Indians overpowered the Tigers eight three Bluejays. Rock the White. Sox ten five Orioles pounded the race fifteen five Rangers all over. The Astros eleven to interleague Rockies finished off the as three one no snow. Darnold, for the jets will check that next. WFAN twenty twenty sports time is one zero three Flow. Here, with a really weird word buttery buttery.

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