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Commerce City will allow people to own pit bulls and pit bull terriers. City Council members agreed to new rules that will classify an animal as dangerous based on the animals conduct and not its breed. Some snow could follow Metro Denver this afternoon and evening. We could see anywhere from no accumulation to an inch with the foothills and Palmer divide getting up to three inches as for the rest of the week on Tuesday, we dry out. Cooler temperatures are left behind for the high of 36 on Wednesday. We'll see Sunshine return with dry conditions and afternoon highs in the mid forties. Now we will stay into the forties Thursday and Friday and looking ahead to next weekend. So far. It looks dry for us here in Denver on Saturday with the high temperature around 40. That's Fox 31 meteorologist Jessica Labelle. I'm Chad Bauer on K O a news radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FM from Bedford Sports Traffic Center. Shooting to the battery Freeway's gonna find the world's drying speeds close to normal. This Norman a road work that you have to really worry about, You know, fine getting around it fairly easy on C 4 70 84 70 Nothing slowing you down on six. The Lakewood 36 Between here and boldest, looking good. I 70 got no issues and take it into the high country where there's change in traction laws. And if you're traveling on Pina Boulevard to and from the airport, there is nothing to interfere or slow you down. That's 31 pinpoint whether you can expect it to be cloudy with a chance of snow high of 41 Tonight, Slope on 27 tomorrow partly sunny high of 36 Tomorrow night's low 22. Currently it's partly cloudy and 40. I'm Jerry Alba on Keohane News Radio live everywhere on the I. Heart Radio AMP. Everything about in Imax spells high quality Sleep, Join the comfort Revolution with the most innovative high tech sleep solutions.

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