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Out some business to go along with it good for them. And i can move them and they're not locked my right anyway miserable and also you know it's interesting. I think we all thought that halo infinite was going to be an xbox series launch title turns out. it's a microsoft windows eleven launch title. Which i think. I see that tongue in cheek but i also think there's a genuine point to be made there. Which is we may never know the numbers but it'll be interesting to see how the distribution of halo infinite players launching on windows day and date with the console version. How many people are playing on. And i think it could be the kind of thing where windows eleven and its gaming fixtures actually benefit from having a title. That's coming out at the same time you know you have gained pass integrated into your p. c. You can get halo day. One on game pass. It made all actually worked out really well for microsoft in a backwards way and to be clear. You do not need windows. Eleven to play halo infinite. No of course. Ron but unlike xbox series to run well you need is a browser at some point right. Tv is pretty incredible. Well that's the other thing. I didn't even mention With windows eleven is how much the cloud xbox cloud will be integrated also into the os. And so you'll have you know. Laptops and things aren't gaming at all being able to stream games and i think i think it's all it's all coming together in a way. That is really smart. And if you would ask me five years ago who would be the one to do it. I would never have guessed microsoft by because five years ago windows. Two thousand still felt to recent even was twenty years ago. This company is the one rare instance where a giant company made one product and made money in one very specific way where was selling software at retail into. Oem's us all the future a little bit and was like we need to shift into something in the internet was obviously thing where they did get a little bit steamrolled by some other companies like google but they leapfrogged them or like services services on the and they've and they've made this transition in a way that you don't actually ever see from a giant company these young companies usually don't figure out their second life in this way and it's been fascinating for them to define their future now in a way that's like we can make services work for games do. Let's just do that. And let's let the fine power doing everything including how we distribute apps on windows which is just baffling. But you know it is a gaming focus. Sort of idea here where we're like we're gonna make money from services and selling stuff the consumer in that's going to be game centric. That's already impressive. That they are thinking that far ahead and its defining how the releasing windows because windows eleven. This free upgrade i mean. When does that ever happened right. It's it's every two windows ten run the westwood windows eight for frau. I think that was part of the same story that they're telling. Now we're now it's like we just want everyone on windows. We're not really gonna charge for windows. We don't really care but of you. We're still going to sell it to you and and you can still buy but most if you install it you could install for free and we're just gonna put a little emblem your corn and say. Hey please pay for this inactivate this but we just want to be selling you services like office and stuff like that and and the in game pass and that's going to be the key we want you to look at what we want you to look at and we're going to incentivize you to do it this way and then i am nervous for when game pro game pass becomes like thirty dollars a month and i still think it's the best value in gaming like at some point now is just keeps getting so good. It's scary it's real. Let's go a long ways off that price increase. People are worried about but right. Now we're being seventy dollars per game so prices are going to go up in different ways but yeah was off my story of the week. We were talking about things in press conferences. That were unexpected. Are things that were expected surprises. There was one surprise this three that i didn't see coming and that was Seeing avatar frontiers of pandora as the last game at utah. You forward their three press conference and now we get some more information about avatar. I may be. The last. American still loves this movie. With my whole heart. I think culturally relevant man on that right there with you absolutely and i'm excited about frontiers of pandora company to be making a big open world action adventure game. Obviously and a massive is a great studio. Now there is a this week. There was a sort of a deep dive but a slightly deeper dive. In the tech that will be utilized to bring avatar frontiers of pandora to life. The upgrade to the snowdrop engine. We've seen snowdrop Ever since division division was the first game that maybe maybe a little earlier than that anyway. It's been the proprietary. You be soft engine for a long time very beautiful engine capable of really attractive games and it looks like these upgrades are really going to be a front and center for avatar. Frontiers of this is not going to be a cross gen game it is going to be squarely released on next gen consoles. Pc and streaming devices and it looks like there's good reason for that they're talking about how they have a new advanced micro data system in the engine that allows them to put thousands more assets on screen at a time. They showed footage of these beautifully lush jungle and garden environments that are emblematic of avatar And it has a new shares late. Let them do things. Like create that bioluminescence effect in dramatic ways. It's going to be all. Ray traced lots of really cool stuff. They're talking about a more sophisticated. Npc's who react to the world of procedurally talk about how they reacted the time of day and circumstances so to be more sophisticated that way. I'm genuinely excited about this game. I don't know if you had a chance to see his presentation. Jeff but i'd love to hear your thoughts. I caught up on in reporting later and kind of read up on what people thought of when they watched it..

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