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To in rooms. Suddenly a sunlight. In the graveyards frosted grass seemed to acquire the heat of midsummer. Mrs kogas chalky face was haloed in a golden fuzzy head. Oh now i do see a. Please come in and look at them won't you. I'm afraid that had nothing very grand. Just two rooms of bathroom and kitchenette. Wouldn't you come upstairs. We didn't want anything. Grand patted mrs colgate in a soft conciliating voice following up the stairs. You have duck skimpy lengths to get in the spare bedroom. Door of the house was to lintels match and she quite toll nonetheless she instantly exclaimed o how delight full y this would suit us down to the ground. It's really an answer to a play. You see as my husband has been disqualified driving for six months to adjust on a technicality. You know so cine. And he has to catch eight fifteen twice a week to town. And there's no buster south dane. I'm wretched driver in fog and you know how many folks we've been having these mornings. We have been living at south dean with the admiral. You see my husband's father ever since we had to come back from round so Suddenly desmond had an excellent job in tehran. It was so sad when things go difficult. Their oldest flowed out in gentle accented stream. Is she rather in attentively. Seem to rose inspected the bathroom. He shouldn't into bed sitting rooms quite tough effect. And is there a shed or something where we can dhiraj the calm. That rose was obliged to confess. That was not alone. Many lived across the lane whether it was the slow. Just big enough for one car. But i'm afraid they won't allow anymore. You can park overnight in the main square though. That's only three minutes walk mrs. Kobe declared that would be absolutely superb. And the whole thing was joss were bathing looking for three minutes to the boss to couldn't be more convenient may moving this afternoon. Don't you want your husband to come in. Look i said rose a little startled. New need a new need to toll. He loved just as much as i do. There's just one thing those hesitated feeling that heavensent. Though this chance seemed it behoved to be honest. I have two children aged six eight l. Pets we love children. Cry mrs kogo. I've had children of my own. You say grow now a loss. We should be happy to live in a house with children months mall so that's a very But the thing as went on rose desperately that one of my children has mumps present and the other has measles and at about ten days time even sooner that do to reverse the patton. Are you sure you want to face that. Have you had mumps Yourself mr cogan bless you yes. Why the long though and says my husband mumps and measles are nothing to us way. She'll be happy to nuss your children for you. It will make us feel needed. I gather you go to town every day. I feel quite certain that we're going to fit into your house very well..

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