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Uh as i said lockheed or raytheon or these companies and of course they give money uh two members of the armed services committee on the hill so that greece is the skid for the program they want virtually all uh top general now end up on the board of the fence company it's not like uh you know general grant sitting on his poor great or eisenhower himself after he retired you know he sat on the front porch of his modest little how in gettysburg pennsylvania there are two aspects of your book that i thought were too so fascinating that i'm gonna ask you to focus on one is the reaction to the incident by the intelligence agencies and for the the military industrial complex in the aftermath of september eleven in the runup to the iraq war which led to a dramatic increase in the surveillance state congress never acted soak quickly as to rush to declare war in a couple of countries or not or at least authorized the use of force in a couple of countries and to authorize mass surveillance far out of reach of what the fourth amendment calls for and then you describe a very similar hysterical reaction in the midst of the financial collapse in in two thousand in two thousand eight i'm wondering can you described for us out why those two reactions from the deep state and from our elected government worst so similar because i would say the the actors in the final analysis are part of the same problem in so far the militaryindustrial complex and wall street are very powerful factions within the deep date in they use the same damn yeowah too damn key people into doing what they want in nap stimulus fear you know we're all gonna die from saddam hussein nonexistent uh weapons of mass destruction if we don't invade so paths the patriot act uh half the authorisation for use of force and let us handle it uh you had people like ben bernanke and treasury secretary paul call telling uh congress or the leadership in the in the uh financial committee uh and this was just after the lehman brothers collapse baked came up i think on thursday or friday that we gang or before the weekend and they said if you don't do this now and they were waving out very short get you piece of.

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