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Law. That just got passed. The law is called these safe banking. Ask second-story. Jack Corona is owned by a company called Constellation Brands. Just just announced its earnings report. The stock fell six percent but it's Japan into Spike Seltzer in corona away. WHO's is snacks daily jumping into who is doing spikes the third and final all story UBER. It pretty much invented the GIG economy now. It's going back to its roots of new purely GIG ECONOMY APP but before are we get into all that. We know what you're thinking. What you got to have a plan. Everyone needs plan experiences by AIRBNB. We've told you about him a couple times but it's taking things to the next level. He's got freaky freaky. Jack and I heard about this. We jumped in snack though it technically book anything. What are we got going on. AIRBNB has animal experience. Let's give you a quick example means. You can take your on vacation. It actually means nothing like that but you could do that. You're totally free to AIRBNB has a bunch of curated experiences that you can go on such as a tea party with sheep sheep in London's thing costs forty-one bucks and like got five stars so you're not booking airbnb place to say your booking a trip to have tea with sheep. Let's say the land isn't your thing and you're more four of the water type paddle boarding with Mr beaches the Corgi okay so we heard this really who's GonNa be spending their vacation at Fort Lauderdale. Doing this apparently two hundred and eighty four people who left reviews news yeah pretty good reviews because you stand up pal and a little dog a very well trained down to likes the water. We stand on the front of the board. Now Corey's can do anything but the third one we found was like this is when you want to get out there because the first two were domestic animal a dog other kind of cool the last one is a wild animal you can go play with Arctic foxes in ice and this isn't a small thing not only you gotta get to Iceland. This is a nine hour excursion with like only a couple of other. I hope bear grylls is the leader of that explode do anything with grills even if it involved that tea party with sheep.

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